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  1. TheProf

    Expirion Linux

    I keep hearing about distros with XanMod Kernel but I never actually tried it myself, will give this a try.
  2. TheProf

    InstantCheckmate, TruthFinder confirm data breach affecting 20M customers

    Another gets breached... seems like the norm these days...
  3. TheProf

    My Experience With Ventoy.

    I've experienced the exact same thing when copying ISOs from dolphin to ventoy... the file appears instantly in ventoy, but it is not actually fully copied and it takes a bit of time. Like you, I even tried to disconnect the USB and I was told a file is still being copied but there was no status...
  4. TheProf

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Here's mine, not a whole lot that changed, but mainly the wallpaper lol.
  5. TheProf

    Linux distros

    You're probably trolling, so good one! But personally, I completely disagree with this statement as I am a Fedora user myself, and have been for quite some time. Most Linux distros that are main stream are stable, I've used Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Mint, EndeavourOS, Open SUSE, and Debian...
  6. TheProf

    Hello from Sphen

    Welcome to!
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    [SOLVED] Nouveau vs Proprietary Nvidia Drivers Performance

    I had odd issues in the past as well with older nvidia GPUs using the proprietary drivers. For me, the desktop experience was also impacted. I find with newer GPUs, this is not an issue, but you're not going to buy a new GPU just to have the proprietary drivers work better. Like @f33dm3bits ...
  8. TheProf

    Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and now I regret it...

    I understand the frustration, I've been there myself. Actually, I only really started using Linux about a year ago, and until then I was using mainly Windows. In the beginning, when I didnt know much about Linux and how it worked, I used to screw it up so bad, that I had to reinstall as it was...
  9. TheProf

    my favorite desktops

    When I first switched to Linux, I was a heavy Gnome user, it was mainly because I found gnome to work much better for me with the nvidia drivers, at that time, I dont believe they had open source drivers yet, as it was quite recent nvidia started releaseing open source drivers, and with nvidia...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

  11. TheProf

    Looking for a Linux distribution that can run my lightweight system

    I think you need something a little more powerful to run Linux :)
  12. TheProf

    Understanding DevOps and Cloud - High Level Overview

    Download and install Linux on your main computer and just use that for a while. This is what I did, and it worked for me.
  13. TheProf

    Understanding DevOps and Cloud - High Level Overview

    DevOps is not for beginners, you need to have an understadning of how a lot of different services work. A good base would require you to know an operating well like Linux for example, automation tools like ansible, terraform, in some cases a programming language like Python, orchestration and...
  14. TheProf

    [desktop PCs] Do you buy your computers in "ready to use" state or do you buy them part by part?

    I don't think I know anyone that builds their own laptops, phones, or tablets :)
  15. TheProf

    [desktop PCs] Do you buy your computers in "ready to use" state or do you buy them part by part?

    I build all my PCs, I don't really trust others to build my computers, had bad experience with this in the past. Plus I can build the better computer for less by spending some time getting parts at a better price and not having to pay extra for someone to assemble it for me.
  16. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    Does Microsoft really have a say in Canonical's Ubuntu? I know they worked together on bringing Ubuntu to WSL, .Net 6, etc but it seems more like Microsoft is trying to attract more folks to use Windows tech across different platforms, but I guess you never know the influence Microsoft can have...
  17. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    AMD definitely has a leg up in supporting Linux out of the box, but I can definitely vouch from my experience and some of my friends who used nvidia GPUs in the past that it works well in Linux, but I would say that mainly started happening in the last 1-2 years as new GPUs were introduced. I...
  18. TheProf

    Installing Games on Linux

    No reason, I just dont use emulation much or any classic games. But feel free to chime in.
  19. TheProf

    Backup software

    Take a look at timeshift... it works really well if you use btfs, this is what I use as a backup of my fedora install. I also tested restores from snapshots, and it works great. With timeshift, you set a schedule and forget it. In the background, it will run when scheduled.
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    Share your hardware setups

    What a monster!