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  1. Jarret B

    USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

    You are very welcome. Just remember, there are no Old Geezers here, just people who want to know something about Linux. Everyone is a newbie at everything at some point. Live and learn, and become wise.
  2. Jarret B

    Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

    My Enable EFI is checked under the Motherboard.
  3. Jarret B

    Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

    I haven't tried it on the new VirtualBox version 7. I read somewhere that they locked down running macOS on non-Mac systems. You may need to try VirtualBox version 6 if that is true. I'm not sure that the statement is a fact. My Big Sur machine was created in version 6, but it boots fine in...
  4. Jarret B

    Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

    Make sure the option under Motherboard for 'Enable EFI' is not checked. Hopefully that helps.
  5. Jarret B

    VirtualBox 7 Unattended Install (includes GPG conversion)

    Oracle has recently released VirtualBox 7.0.2 on October 19, 2022. There are some differences, but one main difference is to note is the unattended installation of some Operating Systems. The options existed before, but were available from the command line. In version 7, the unattended install...
  6. Jarret B

    Any idea what a «shaft» may be in computer science and networks?

    For wiring, that makes sense. I've never done wiring myself, except in my house.
  7. Jarret B

    Any idea what a «shaft» may be in computer science and networks? This is all I found. It makes sense to a physical shaft implementation.
  8. Jarret B

    Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer

    Most of you may have used the Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility (UKUU), which now requires a paid license to use it (see this article). There is a new program, which is a fork of UKUU, that is free. It is the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer. Installation To install the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel...
  9. Jarret B

    LFCS – Tunneling

    Tunneling is setting up a connection between two systems where the systems encrypt all data sent between them. There are two types of tunneling that we will cover for the LCFS exam. The two types are: SSH openVPN I will cover setting this up for both CentOS and Ubuntu. There will be a few...
  10. Jarret B

    DCA – 01 – Docker Drivers and Logging

    The series of articles will cover the details you need to know for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA). There were a few previous articles that you may want to look at before continuing. The main article is ‘’. This will help you in...
  11. Jarret B

    Routing with VPN doesn't work, I wonder why?

    Go to the web page at and scroll down to step 5. I just wrote an article on setting this up for the LCFS series. This is not an easy setup, whether it is CentOS or Ubuntu. No matter your distro, this should help. The problem is you need to MASQUERADE...
  12. Jarret B

    Suitable Linux operating systems for newbie and system specification

    Try LUbuntu. It doesn't require much system hardware to run. You may want to repartition the hard drives as one drive, which I suspect it is. Unless they hold data that you want to keep. LUbuntu will get you started on Linux and you should have no problem with Libre Office and Python and the...
  13. Jarret B

    TCP/IP Basics by Math

    The part that matches one's of tge subnet is the system address. Tge portion with zeroes is the network address.
  14. Jarret B

    VMWare Workstation Player

    Virtualization can be a very good tool for computer users. Especially those who want to install many Operating Systems, but do not have multiple systems. It can be a hassle to keep reinstalling different Operating Systems on a system and keep having to erase the precious one. Most people may...
  15. Jarret B

    VirtualBox Server

    The article is not about a server running VirtualBox like a desktop system. It is different from a Linux Terminal Server. A VirtualBox Server is a Server that is running a headless version of VirtualBox. It allows network systems to create and run machines remotely. These machines are not...
  16. Jarret B

    Linux on Chrome OS Flex

    The newer Google Chrome OS Flex gives the user the ability to use Debian 11 (Bullseye). The Chrome OS Flex Operating System does not need to be installed on a Chromebook, but can be installed on a wide variety of systems if compatible. Flex Requirements The Flex OS requires a system with at...
  17. Jarret B

    LFCS - iptables

    We have covered using the Firewall Service, and now we will cover iptables. The ‘iptables’ are part of the Linux kernel and therefore is not a service. When using ‘iptables’, the administrator can allow or deby packets based on a filter on a network. Three Routing Table Chains The Routing...
  18. Jarret B

    VirtualBox Networking

    Most of you may wonder, “Has Jarret lost his mind? What is he talking about, VirtualBox Networking? Everyone knows how to set up networking under VirtualBox!”. I’d say most days, yes, I have lost my mind. But anyway, about VirtualBox Networking… When you create a Virtual Machine inside the...
  19. Jarret B

    Linux Terminal Server

    A Terminal Server is a server that can provide the Operating System to the workstations. In most cases, the workstations are diskless and have no means to install an Operating System (OS). Basically, on the Linux Terminal Server, there are images created that are used by the client systems. You...
  20. Jarret B

    LFCS – Firewalld

    I hope you enjoy the articles for the LFCS Certification. If you have been following along using VirtualBox to go through the articles, then you will be ready for this one. If you are jumping into this one and not doing the previous one, Turning a System into a Router, then you need to go back...