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  1. cloudytechi147

    ECS Problem with dial: dial tcp: lookup config-service on no such host. Sleeping 1s

    There are two services: config-service and discovery-service Dockerfile of config-service : FROM openjdk:17-alpine ENV APP_FILE config-service.jar ENV APP_HOME /app EXPOSE 8088 COPY build/libs/$APP_FILE $APP_HOME/ WORKDIR $APP_HOME ENTRYPOINT ["sh", "-c"] CMD ["exec java -jar $APP_FILE...
  2. cloudytechi147

    Jar file running failed on Ubuntu inside Rasp Pi

    Here is my discord music player bot, I compiled and installed it with Maven and Java 8 using the following procedure: mvn clean mvn compile mvn test-compile mvn test mvn install And here is my pom.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns=""...
  3. cloudytechi147

    Python sub process script works on my Windows but not on my Linux

    I write a simple script to check the subprocess module and I tested it on both Windows and Linux. The script works fine on Windows but not on Linux. The interpreter in python is used in 3 versions on both. import subprocess host = input("Enter a host to ping: ") p1 = subprocess.Popen(["ping"...
  4. cloudytechi147

    Linux sequence function isn't working properly in a bash script

    I'm working on a Linux course and using the best Linux OS, the instructor uses a ping-sweeping function as an example. It is meant to iterate through potential IPs on a network from 1 through 255 and return the ones that reply. The code is as follows #!/bin/bash for ip in 'seq 1 254'; do ping...