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    CentOS Reboot

    Dear Community, Appreciate your input in the above please.
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    /boot/efi require fsck scan

    Hi Guys, After every reboot I see the following logs. Nov 3 11:49:41 productionvm systemd: Mounting /boot/efi... Nov 3 11:49:41 productionvm kernel: FAT-fs (sda1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck. Nov 3 11:49:41 productionvm systemd: Mounted...
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    CentOS Reboot

    Thanks for your feedback. However, the above provides the below output which is great. However how do we identify if system was rebooted using a proper reboot or was it due to some live migration on hyper-v / power outage. I have put a real time issue which I am facing and looking for your...
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    CentOS Reboot

    How do we identify if the restart of a CENTOS was graceful or abrupt. The command I believe shutdown -r now is a command which will reboot a linux machine gracefully ?