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  1. Rachmani3652

    Does anybody know about SocialPhish and Blackeye on Kali Linux?

    When I run everything it says "send this link to victim" but no link is shown.
  2. Rachmani3652

    What vulnerabilities do you expose yourself to if you don't use macchanger in kali?

    Can it affect your anonymity?
  3. Rachmani3652

    Kali Linux proxychains

    Ok so do i have to renew my proxychains after a certain time? They seem like they've stopped working on me.
  4. Rachmani3652

    Downloading bitcoin

    What is it called when you download bitcoin but you don't download the entire blockchain? I forgot what it's called and I can't find the answer on the web.
  5. Rachmani3652

    True false

    I know I have to change something from false to true but I forgot how. Help please.
  6. Rachmani3652

    Need more proxy chains!

    That what it says when I try to use proxychains. How do I fix this?
  7. Rachmani3652

    Its kind of like a family.

    People respect each.other and learn from one another. I was coming in hot the first day I posted on here lol but now i see the protocol. On this site I don't curse. Offline I do though. Or disrespect anyone. Cool little forum.
  8. Rachmani3652

    Alfa network adapter

    I just bought a new alfa Network adapter. I pray its compatible with kali linux. Should be here today. From Amazon
  9. Rachmani3652

    Taking a break from Kali

    I'm taking a break from Kali Linux for a while. Been focusing on day trading penny stocks. Been studying. It can be very lucrative if you know what you're doing. Much love to everyone. Especially the homie Captain-sensible. Hes a cool dude...
  10. Rachmani3652

    For anyone new to Kali Linux

    http://index-of.es/Varios-2/Hacking%20with%20Kali%20Practical%20Penetration%20Testing%20Techniques.pdf Great book for beginners to learn. Easy to understand.
  11. Rachmani3652

    Is it better to use Tor instead of free socks5 proxies online?

    Just wondering.
  12. Rachmani3652

    Free proxies

    Does anybody have any good websites for free socks5 proxies?
  13. Rachmani3652

    I'm having problems with proxychains

    I added 3 new socks5 proxies to proxychains.conf along with my original socks4 and socks5 proxies. But whenever I enter "proxychains firefox www.whatsmyip.org" the browser loads for a long time and says unable to connect. But when I open my web browser without proxychains it works fine. Tor is...
  14. Rachmani3652

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Anybody seen it?

    I love the book. I think it was better than the movie. Was watching the movie for the first time 2 nights ago. She was a hacker in the movie. I love how the actor portrayed her in the movie. Very introverted and standoffish. Forgot her name but she's married to Joaquin Phoenix.
  15. Rachmani3652

    Ok so I put "tor service status" and I get an error message.

    This should be simple to fix. "Unit tor.service could not be found." is all I get. I'm in root so I know I can't run tor. I downloaded though in root anyway. I only can run it as my other user. I'm just trying to run tor through the terminal so I can be more anonymous. Help please.
  16. Rachmani3652

    Beginners course on Kali Linux

    If anyone is looking for a basic course in Kali Linux there"s a guy named Joseph Delgadillo on youtube. I highly recommend his courses.
  17. Rachmani3652

    Anyone suffer from drug addiction and alcohol?

    Sometimes I'm drunk texting on my laptop and I don't remember half the stuff I ask in the forums. I drunk Facebook too sometimes. It's a bad habit.
  18. Rachmani3652

    I know it's going to take persistence for me to grasp all these Kali things...

    I'm not the one to give up. I still find it interesting. There"s a lot of power in being able to breach computer systems
  19. Rachmani3652

    Is anyone here associated with Anonymous. I know, you want to stay anonymous. Just answer the question.

    I should be careful about posted stuff on here because notice what I post can easily be found on a google search.
  20. Rachmani3652

    I can't donwload bitcoin core. It says error disk space is low.

    Anybody know how to fix this problem? Must I delete items from my host machine or my guest machine. This has never happened to me before. Please and thanks.