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  1. frazelle09

    How to hide a "Broken" file from Synaptic [SOLVED]

    Am trying to install and use the two or three [email protected] files in order to continue folding after a hard disk reinstall of the OS. i can download the files and use rpm -i --nodeps [email protected] and when i go to Synaptic and hit Reload, it complains that the file is "Broken". Note...
  2. frazelle09

    Having trouble installing HP Deskjet Advantage All-in-One 1515

    We´re trying to help a friend who just installed PCLinuxOS. He's in Cancun and we're working by Any desk. He's got a HP Deskjet Advantage All-in-one 1515 and the system sees it as a 1510. It doesn't print well... We´re running PCLinuxOS full updated. i´ve also tried installing it through the...