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    Need help switching to linux

    I agree with all.If you can get your hands on an old clunker laptop,or even a tower setup,thats a good way to mess with Linux without risking your daily driver.Best to stick with machines that use integrated video and audio while you learn.
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    convert mp4 to avi video

    Thanks for all the suggestions.Turns out we scrapped the tv idea and just play them on the Mint laptop.Problem solved.As a side note,I will again mention my pet peeve re computer vs video/tv tech.Why cant all these designers talk to each other and make computer tech compatible with audio/video...
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    is online banking secure on Mint 20.2?

    All good suggestions;thanks,everyone.
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    is online banking secure on Mint 20.2?

    I am using Google chrome to do online banking.Is this secure or should I use a more secure browser(statrpage maybe?).I have startpage installed as an extension on chrome but I cant see how that is more secure than chrome alone.Confused.Also,is there a way to store passwrds securely on my...
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    Looking for Music player which plays from folders

    I dont usually use VLC for audio,but if you open the playlis,you can drop any file or folder into it and it will play them in that order.With folders,you have to open them, select all in the edit tab,then drop into playlist.I do this with mixed video and jpeg slideshow and it works well.There is...
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    Mint Installation Time

    I hear ya! Since I started using linux a few years ago,my computer does what I want it to without ever having to reset stuff after every update.Any glitches I encounter are mostly self inflicted.The last few LTS versions of Mint (and Ubuntu,mostly) are so smooth it is amazing.Go Linux!!
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    Mint Just As Buggy As Windows

    If you can figure a way to run Linux only on your system you will eliminate a lot of problems.The dual boot itself may be the source of your problems.When I first started testing linux,I removed my Windows HD and put it on a shelf,then installed Linux on a new SSD.I was so pleased with the...
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    convert mp4 to avi video

    Is it possible to convert mp4 video,shot with my Sony a6000 camera,to AVI,to play on a tv that apparently only supports AVI?There are other formats I could shoot with on this camera, but I think they are proprietary sony, so probably not Linux compatible.I am using Mint 20.1.I tried Handbreak...
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    Linux "market" share?

    I use "market" for lack of a better term,since market implies an exchange of currency.Has anyone devised a method of determining how may computers are using linux as a daily driver as opposed to developers and casual experimenters like me?Obviously,the number of downloads is not useful for this...
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    Linux Daydreaming

    Nice dream.Mine is more modest:a Linux loaded laptop made in Canada that cost less than $1000.00 CDN.
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    Windows 10

    Another Linux Mint fanboy here.The only thing I miss about windows is theAdobe photo products.They would have lost me anyway when they went to subscription only.I just dont use them enough to justify a monthly fee.Thanks to all the forums one can find alternative software and some instruction on...
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    The problem of installing the smell of burning with the flash

    If you have a CD/DVD drive,that works,but is much slower than a thumb drive.I believe some distros offer an on-line install,but I have never tried that.If your flash drive is getting hot enough to smell,it is probably garbage.It is nit a good idea to use cheap off-brand drives ,especially to...
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    Easy file/folder backup for beginner

    Yea,after trying some rediculously complicated backup programs,I got out my trusty 2TB external drive and copied everything to it the old fashion way(drag and drop).It lives in the closet until needed(every time I bork my system and need to do a clean install)I also have copies of all the...
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    HDD free space

    Sorry,I guess you will have to wait for someone more knowlegable than me to read your post,All I can suggest is to try different programs.They don't all handle external drives the same way.Is it possible that one or more partitions is encrypted?
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    HDD free space

    Gparted should be able to delete unwanted partitions and re-format the drive.It is in the Mint software manager.If there is any data on the drive you want to keep,copy it to another drive first.
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    Tried POP20,back to Mint20

    Well,thought I would try Pop_os again,froze completely 2 or 3 times yesterday.Guess I'll leave it for the tinkerers for now.Back to Mint 20.I wonder how well POP works on a system 76 machine.Congrats,Mint team.Why do I bother with anything else?
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    Microsoft Edge for Linux, will you use it?

    Well,I switched to linux to escape windows bloatware and invasive update process,so no.I must admit,though,I am totally Googlized,so you might say that is just as bad.However,my original reasom for using Google Chrome still stands:speed and ease of operation.Also,I,m hooked on Youtube,so I...
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    HP Laptops

    Hmmm.I run a sata SSD in my oldish laptop,and the only time the fan runs is when I hold the computer on my lap instead of a table(or a board on my lap).However if you truly have a heat issue,using 4 erasers under the laptop to get more clearance will help.I also notice that this laptop runs a...
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    I cannot get on Netflix. Why?

    Last time I tried,Netflix didn't work on Chromium.It does work fine on Chrome.,right out of the box ,no tweaking neccessary.
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    Audacity on Ubuntu 18.04

    Just decided to convert the rest of my vinyl on audacity.Started on the laptop,but for some reason audacity randomly stops recording after a random length of time.I'm thinking Audacity needs more resources,so I switched to the tower(same distro).So far so good.Not too crazy about ding this on...