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  1. J

    Has anyone here read this book on Mint 20?

    Since I first started installing Mint for friends the network connections were easy to configure Live Mint USBs because the folks had already gotten the broadband gateways that run their internet and power their now VOIP phones using their house current and battery in the event of outages so...
  2. J

    Trying Puppy for my dial up world

    I haven't forgotten this site. Just have had limited time to spend online as our agricultural growing season nears the end and we are harvesting our last hay crop of the season. In doing my reading and studying as I have had time of the distributions adequate for dial up connection I keep...
  3. J

    Will Linux still work with copper wire 56k dial up?

    With all the continuous background things going on in Windows 10, I have both friends who live where faster speed internet is available and neighbors here in the sticks without cable or dependable satellite and we are still using dial up copper line dial up and USRobotics fax modems...