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    error: file "/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.

    Then: Entering rescue mode... Then: grub rescue> Any ideas how to fix this? Mint 20
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    Is there a way to remove supported kernels no longer wanted?

    Like easily with a terminal prompt? I am tired of having to uncheck (The irritant.png) every time I need to update. o_O
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    Is there a guide for using this forum?

    Please answer yes or no.
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    Can timeshift be used on fresh install to avoid cloning ?

    If so which settings do I need to use to keep all documents, foxfire settings like bookmarks and settings and downloads. Basically everything that has personal alteration or preferences.
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    lvm2 pv

    Is lvm2 pv an appropriate format for an OS?
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    Is there a way to verify PCI slots are bad/not working via command line?

    Hi, I am trying to install 4 TV turner cards in a HP DC7900 mini-worktower. There are three PCI slots available. I have verified my card is working and is currently working in PCI1. It does not work in either PCI2 or PCI3. Is there a way to verify PCI2 &3 slots are bad/not working via command...
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    How To Reinstall Linux Mint Without Losing Your Data?

    Does anyone know how to do what the title asks? The research I've done implies using timeshift would change my settings as well. Some of the settings are causing hardware problems. I have a slow internet connecction so I am looking for a way to save everything I have downloaded/saved except...
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    What app works the best for getting Bluetooth to work in Mint 20.1?

    Hello everyone! I am excited to, in all reality, beginning to actually learning how to troubleshoot issues with my Most favorite operating system. Been searching for the answer on the internet for getting my Bluetooth to work for over a month and have not been able to find the answer. I have...