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    How do you specifically install a GTK-PPP tar.gz in Mint 20.2 Cinnamon

    Hello Friends. New agenda. Still trying for a front end GUI for wvdial. I have GTK zip downloaded. I just don't know the terminal code to get it installed. Where should I unzip it? How do I get it installed from there? As alays you all are greatly appreciated.
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    Open apps titles do not show in panel after minimizing window

    Hiya Linux Forum. I'm getting closer to heaven, yet not functioning smoothly yet. I did successfully install Virtual Box, which then allowed me to install my astrology program properly. This program, as well as successful dial up connection are required for me to transfer totally away from...
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    How to acquire 'apt-get' access in Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon

    Hello All. I'm still working on getting dialup fine tuned. I have Del Latitude i5-431OM 2.7o GHz x2, 8GB, 257.1 GB SSD. I want to install a Front end GUI dialer for wvdial such as Gnome-ppp, gtk-ppp, kppp. Can't find them in software manager or synaptic. I was hoping to access 'apt-get' to...
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    How to connect dial-up in Mint 20.2

    My apologies, I'm a noobe and was bleary brained early this morning when I posted in the wrong place. I'll try to remember to start a new thread when appropriate. After successfully, with help, getting windows off and Mint 20.2 on my refurbished Dell Latitude E6440 Laptop, Core i5-4300M, 8GB...
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    How should I download wvdialer?

    How should I download wvdialer. It isn't in software manager? Seems I succeeded sudo apt install wvdial. Thanks
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    How should I proceed to remove Windows from a new refurbished Dell Latitude

    Hello All. I've been advised to start a new thread. I am looking for guidance for the step by step process of removing Windows from a new purchase of a refurbished Dell Latitude E6440 laptop, Core i5-4300M 2.6GHz, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, DVDRW, with Window 10 Pro. I turned it on and it wants me...
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    Linux OS which supports dial-up

    Hello everyone...I've missed you all. I've been looking for another machine to create my Linux machine. Still looking for a machine to put linux on. Then I thought I best have an OS which supports dial-up or it is useless to me. So Dear Gurus what say ye...I'm looking at a refurbished lenovo...
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    Repository error

    Hello all, in trying to fix other issues I evidently messed up my repository set up. Can someone help me get it fixed. I was following the directions about how to get BIOS fixed and I know they directed me to enter some repository additions through terminal. Now I'm getting these messages...
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    How to Detect USB External Modem

    I'm Back...I guess I hardly left. I am installing another Mint version 19.3 Cinnamon. All was flowing nicely till I came home and attempted to connect to dialup. I installed wvdial and I believe it is properly configured. GNOME PPP is installed and I configured that, but it cannot detect the...
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    Hung Logon Screen

    Help!!! An unfortunate thing happened on my way to Linux Nirvana...I guess it is a crash. I had just got my Mint Mate Tara 19 where I wanted it and was backing things up. I had used Timeshift to make an image on my external Seagate drive, and was trying to use 'backup tool' to backup the home...
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    Glitch with dial-up on Mint Mate 19 Tara

    Hello Everyone! I'm delighted to have Linux Mint Mate Tara finally on my Fujitsu. I did succeed in getting wvdial and gppp downloaded and running, yet we have a glitch and I need a software guru. Software is my weakest element and I'm a noobe to Linux having just kicked windows. Wine allows...
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    Recommendations for a Linux Clean Install on old Fujitsu AH532 laptop.

    Hello All Linux Gurus. and thank you in advance for your assistance. I am seeking guidance on which Linux distros would be most compatible with my older Fujitsu laptop. I'm ready to reformat the drive and kick Win7 off into space. The processor = 2.30GHz Intel Cor i3-2350M 64bit dual core...
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    Fine tuning Linux Mint Mate 19.3 Password

    Thanks Everyone for your continued assistance. I still have questions, I regret to say. I selected to have no password to login to Mint. It is asking for password every time it sleeps. I tried to set it never to sleep, and I can't find where to change that very annoying trait. Can someone...
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    Hung Boot Loader

    Hello All, and again my gratitude for your sharing your time and knowledge. Anyone following my previous post about a duel install of Mint with Widows 7 may know i murdered my machine. After achieving what I thought was a successful install of Mint 19.3 Mate 64bit; upon reboot the boot menu...
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    Recommended Linux OS for an old Dell clean install?

    Hello Everyone, can anyone recommend a Linux OS that would work best on an old Dell Inspiron 8000 with Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit sp2, for a clean Linux install. 37GB Samsung MP 0402H (ATA)? Thanks for being there.
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    Help posting requested text and screenshot?

    Can someone please tell me how to post the requested text doc and screen shot into a conversation thread [?]
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    How do I run a windows program in Linux

    Hello Everyone, As I am new to the forum I hope this is the proper protocol. I am working on another core issue on another thread, yet feel we are close to completion. Then I will have this new topic, and I thought the proper protocol is to start a new thread. Firstly, I am working on moving...
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    Duel Install Mint on Windows 7 partitioned drive

    Firstly I would like to salute the Masters of the Forum for their excellent work. I live with dial-up and was unable to ask my questions due to the slow speed of my internet connection and inability to verify my registration. I'm at a friends sharing hispeed and can finally ask my latest...