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    Different read and write permissions.

    Hello everybody, How are you doing today? Some time ago I had an issue where it happened in such a way that I had to re-install Kali Linux 3-5 times. Linux was installing properly each time, however there was something i noticed. When installing a Kali Linux that was bare bone, which means...
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    Is that a Linux issue?

    Hi, There was an issue i had to fix. I don't need to fix it anymore and I'm very glad. ... however i want to know if this issue is Linux related. The management of the company i work for made me install Windows OS instead of leaving me use this awesome Linux. (it sounds like I'm here for a...
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    Lockscreen doesn't go away and laptop freezes randomly for couple of minutes.

    Hello, I have a slight issue with my Debian based operating system and I'm not sure how to investigate the issue. 1. When the laptop is locked, i unlock it and sometimes the lock screen doesn't disappear. I'm using the GNOME desktop environment and i put a custom lock screen. I tried changing...
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    Is this a hardware or a software issue?

    Hello, How are you all doing today? I have a laptop given by the company i work for. It's a Lenovo Yoga with 1TB SSD, 11th generation i7, and 16GB RAM. The moment i got my hands on it, i installed a Debian based Linux operating system, because awesome machines work with awesome software...
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    [Advanced] Tracing a hook/trigger

    Hi, I have two difficult to solve instances and I'd love if i get help from somebody who has advanced knowledge in computer networking. Every time i join a teams meeting and the volume of my microphone changes. Assuming that at one point my microphone was too loud and somebody was lowering the...
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    Different read write permissions on Kali Linux

    Hi, I have a funky story for you. Grab a cup of coffee. So I'm using Kali Linux on my work machine and the management asked me to install Windows for some unknown illogical reason. So, like every decent employee i decided to download that software from the manufacturer's website (the people...