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    nignx manager always showing unhealthy in pi

    I have armv6l which is raspbery pi 2b+ . I followed this " https://www.wundertech.net/nginx-proxy-manager-raspberry-pi-install-instructions/?unapproved=3409&moderation-hash=8b21d3ab68c499a061f9a1e6ce8788e6 " instruction everything works but in the end my nginx-app-1 is always showing unhealthy...
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    {SOLVED} how to hide dynamic ip of home pi-server

    So I'm hosting a website from my pi with a dynamic ip and im updating my dynamic ip by noip.com. This website gave me a url or domain when from other network i visit that url its redirecting to my public pi-server IP and exposing my public ip So how can i hide my pi server public ip? Without any...
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    How to change grub in linux ?

    I just want to change my grub i did some googling and all I got is customize the grub or change boot order. No, I dont want that I want to switch to another bootloader something modern cause from my current grub im facing some errors and i want to change another version of grub or burg...
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    grub keeps loading when my machine isnt connected to my monitor

    i'm usin latest version of kali when my monitor isnt connected to my machine it shows a blackscreen and says grub loading for ever then again when i connect my monitor back and restart the machine then it works fine. i tried some googling and someone posted this as a bug but didnt got any solution.
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    stuck after i give my password on login screen

    I'm using updated kali linux for few months yesterday i started my machine after i give my password in login screen its gets stuck i tried googling and its gave me some results about this happend because nvidia driver but i dont have any graphics card. i man using kde plasma display manager. I...
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    [SOLVED] How to ssh from windows to linux via ssh-key

    I want to ssh to my linux machine from windows by windows command prompt OpenSSH by ssh private key. I don't want to put my SSH password everytime i login to my linux server. I tried some googling but all of them shows how to do it by putty. I'm not expecting any solutions because there is no...
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    Fingerprint auth fails everytime I login

    i'm using kali and i have 138a:0010 Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS Fingerprint sensor after i scan my fingerprint via fprintd-enroll then when i login my fingerprint never matches i have also updated my pam-auth
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    SOLVED wifi connects sometime but most of the time it doesnt.

    Im using "RTL8723BE" PCIe Wireless Network Adapter in Kali if i connect to my router sometimes its get connected and works fine. But most of the time it connects but I cant ping my router and dont get internet then if i disconnect from the router then it doesnt connect back and says auth failed...