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    is online banking secure on Mint 20.2?

    I am using Google chrome to do online banking.Is this secure or should I use a more secure browser(statrpage maybe?).I have startpage installed as an extension on chrome but I cant see how that is more secure than chrome alone.Confused.Also,is there a way to store passwrds securely on my...
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    convert mp4 to avi video

    Is it possible to convert mp4 video,shot with my Sony a6000 camera,to AVI,to play on a tv that apparently only supports AVI?There are other formats I could shoot with on this camera, but I think they are proprietary sony, so probably not Linux compatible.I am using Mint 20.1.I tried Handbreak...
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    Linux "market" share?

    I use "market" for lack of a better term,since market implies an exchange of currency.Has anyone devised a method of determining how may computers are using linux as a daily driver as opposed to developers and casual experimenters like me?Obviously,the number of downloads is not useful for this...
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    Tried POP20,back to Mint20

    Well,thought I would try Pop_os again,froze completely 2 or 3 times yesterday.Guess I'll leave it for the tinkerers for now.Back to Mint 20.I wonder how well POP works on a system 76 machine.Congrats,Mint team.Why do I bother with anything else?
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    Audacity on Ubuntu 18.04

    Just decided to convert the rest of my vinyl on audacity.Started on the laptop,but for some reason audacity randomly stops recording after a random length of time.I'm thinking Audacity needs more resources,so I switched to the tower(same distro).So far so good.Not too crazy about ding this on...
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    USB still has power when computer is off

    I just built a new computer withanAzrock Z390 Pro4 MB,in anAntek Silent case.All of the USB ports have power when the computer is turned off,both the ones on the motherboard and those on the front of the case.Is this normal?I'm running Ubuntu 18.04,and it is up to date.Everything else seems to...
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    record of programs installed

    I cant remember where I saw this;I am building a new tower (as soon as the rest of the parts get here).I want to install all of the same programs on the new machine.I am going to use Ubuntu 18.04 again.I saw a quick way to do this,but can't remember where.I guess I can always write them down on...
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    New to this forum

    Hi,all.I've been messing around with Linux since Ubuntu 16.04 was new.I tried a few Ubuntu derivatives,but here I am back on Ubuntu(18.04).I just can't seem to get my dual monitors to work right on the derivatives.Vanilla Ubuntu may not have some of the nifty features of the others,but it works...