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    Two output files, each word to new line one file with count and one file without count.

    I have found a couple things posted here and there but none seem to work. I attempted to modify a string I have to create words lists but got that wrong also. All I want to do is take all files in a folder, read each txt file and print a word per line into a new file. like below: word word...
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    verbose with sort merge and does parallel help any?

    Hey Guys and Gals. When using sort *.txt -m -u --parallel=4> 12.3-addon.txt (1)- is there any way to know where in the merge process it is? Tried using -v and --verbose but neither works. And, (2)- has anyone every checked to see if the --parallel=4 actually speeds things up? I found when...
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    Greping (or however) a huge list of IP's in one run?

    Grepable return from Nmap. All are one line but IP is in either 11 or 12 digits. They mostly repeat the IP where port is listed and then where the status is as in the example. I need the fastest method of cleaning this by removing all but the ip and removing the duplicate listing. So basically...
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    can you count letter or number frequency?

    I know you can count word frequency using the command-line. But can you count letter or number frequency?
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    Better text editor or viewer than Glogg or Cat?

    Looking for a better text editor or viewer. I have been trying to use Glogg on both my Windows and my Kali. It crashes on each more than 50% of the time. I have resorted to going back to just cat files but this seems so slow. I often am checking server logs and other files that are as large as...
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    Creating and /or learning how spell checkers work?

    Not sure how best to explain this so here is my best try. Is there a stand alone spell checker that can be used without it being part another program. I guess what I mean by a "stand alone", is a self working container of sorts that maybe I can past a list of words in and have it check the...
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    Kali, what to open shortcuts with?

    I hope all are well and healthy. This morning my Kali started asking what I wanted to use to open shortcuts with. I have never encountered this so I am not sure what to tell it to use. Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks.
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    dpkg: error and I am in a loop.

    Morning people people. I have reinstalled Kali via Vbox on Windows 10. Nothing seems to want to go right with this installation and uninstalling and trying again is no longer an option because I have done this 4 times. This one issue I do not seem to be able to get pass with my limited...
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    Extracting Data From Nmap To Another File For Review?

    I provide certain clients a report of vulnerabilities found on their systems. I have several clients that have a main office but satellite offices everywhere. One has like 1588 around the world. I use various tools for this and of course I use nmap. They have a few people onsite at their main...
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    Remove hard return from text file while making a text to speech audio book?

    Little bit of background here. I create audiobooks for people who for some reason (blind, learning disability, old age so on) cannot read. I use a pretty good text to speech software. When I get a request I find the book then I have to convert it to accessible test. Once that is done I only...
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    Wordlist creator pulling words from many documents on my computer using mostly sed.

    Posting this in Kali since this is manly going to be used as a Kali type tool. Code purpose? 1- A teaching tool to provide useful info to schools, nursing homes, Churches, libraries and more where I volunteer to show one method used by people to generate info to crack passwords in a visual...
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    Is there a way to maybe run these two commands as one?

    I need to run a couple things in the command line this morning. First I need to run sort -u --merge --parallel=4 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt 4.txt 5.txt 6.txt 7.txt 8.txt 9.txt 10.txt 11.txt 12.txt 13.txt 14.txt 15.txt 16.txt 17.txt 19.txt 20.txt 21.txt 22.txt 23.txt 24.txt>combined-9.9.txt and then...
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    sed 's/^/You /' test.txt > new-test.txt and awk '{print "You "$0}' testfile.txt What is wrong?

    sed 's/^/You /' test.txt > new-test.txt and awk '{print "admin "$0}' testfile.txt Thru much reading and research. I have found that with awk and sed I can prepend a word and 4 spaces (much rather tab) at the beginning of each line. However it is not consistent. I get either one or both...
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    A way you can have crunch download to START as it finds words?

    Looking to use crunch to pull from a site. It requires d 2 to reach the content. I have it set to stay on this site and using verbose it is. Problem is it is never finishing. I have attempted to do it page by page cause that would be good also. Either I am doing something wrong or there is...
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    Merge Sort in Java, anyone tried this?

    I did not see anywhere to post general software questions thus I am posting this here. Been doing a lot of reading. I am not a programmer. I have read a number of articles on Merge Sort in Java. I sort -u merge a couple times a day. Most of the time it is very large files. My normal operation...
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    Looking for a text editor that will allow me to start each line with tab or spaces, lines are already filled.

    Not sure if this question should go here or in "General Linux topics " even though this would apply to all Linux I would think but since I am use Kali I decided to post here. If I should have posted somewhere else please move this to where it belongs. I am looking for a text editor to easily...
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    Pipe a word list into crunch

    I know crunch can be piped into other program. BUT, can a word list be piped into crunch to have words mixed with crunch output. I will attempt to give an example of what I mean. crunch 20%%(pipe in the names list) ^ -o new-names-list.txt In this example it would produce the end product as...
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    Crunch making a wordlist and the count using a pattern.

    Afternoon people people. I am trying to do something with crunch that I am thinking I have done before. If I have then for the life of me I cannot get it now. Making a user/password pair wordlist. I am aiming for -! admin" "xxxxx !- inside the !-. admin of course is the login. The 4 spaces...
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    Command line to convert large word list to UTF-8

    I have a wordlist that currently is 40 gb in size. I must convert it to UTF 8 and not sure of how to do so. I assume it can be done through the command line. Can someone help me out and provide me a command line string that I may try. Thank you!
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    Limit lines in document to only so many characters, How?

    I am not sure this even exists. I have a large wordlist file. Anyone who has worked with a wordlist will understand what I am going to ask here. This file is over 4 gb. I rarely open it. It has mixed in lines of very long text that appear to be random numbers and letters with like 100...