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  1. Eugor

    Sync Evolution calendar between two computers on wireless network. Looking for clues

    I have two rigs running mint 20 on the same wireless network. One is morning office, one evening office. (long story and not really relevant) One has evolution mail that I am using only for calendar and contact function at this time. I would like to load evolution on the other computer and be...
  2. Eugor

    Libreoffice base designer gun for hire

    I am way outside of my paygrade here, but looking for a gun for hire. I know what I want, but it is outside of my current skillset and am looking for someone with more knowledge than me, to acomplish a goal. My goal is to get a database set up in libreoffice base, or ms access for a database...
  3. Eugor

    What is the impact of disabled/deactivated TPM

    Not sure where this post fits best, but I am sure it will be moved if better suited elsewhere. Laptop is Thinkpad T430 2344-BZU with 1vyrain mod bios running linux mint 20 xfce Since the bios mod, at boot,I have an "error communicating with TPM chip" It continues to boot and everything seems...
  4. Eugor

    NAS distro recommendations

    I have a brewing project in the tinkertown garage to set up a NAS solution. My question is, What is a good linux distibution to look at achieving that end. Primary goal is to allow the network devices which are both linux and win 10 to be able to store to this device thru both ethernet and...
  5. Eugor

    Via C7 Board & Linux Live USB issues

    I am Stumped and looking for clues. Got an older tinkerboard with embedded board via c7 cpu and am unable to get multiple live distros to boot. All have been 32 bit as needed for this cpu. All end with a blinking cursor after going thru the boot process. errors received have been unable to init...
  6. Eugor

    USB 3.0 interference with 2.4GHz Logitech K520/M310 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    Mint 19.2xfce Peppermint 10 I discovered that my hunch is indeed correct. I have been experiencing problems lagging, studdering, and freezing with my favored logitech keyboard and mouse. This happened on both my Thinkpad X220 laptop (Like to use my wireless mouse with the laptop.), and my HP...
  7. Eugor

    Dual Monitor Low Resolution on one monitor

    I installed mint 19.1 xfce on my Lenovo M93p Tiny in a new partition as a dual boot beside an existing Windows 10 install. I have dual identical monitors, Dell 23" that function in a 1920 x 1080 ( Recommended ) resolution in windows 10. In the Mint os, only one monitor is recognized as "Dell...
  8. Eugor

    Formatting Blank Storage Drive for both Linux and Windows 10

    What file system is the best to use for formatting a blank drive for storage of files that will be created, modified, read, and moved using both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19.1 xfce ? Should the formatting be done from windows or from linux, or will either one work just fine? Don't know if it...
  9. Eugor

    Laptops / Netbooks Posting Permissions

    What is needed to gain sufficient privileges to Post Thread in Laptops / Netbooks section ? I can reply in this section but not post a new thread.
  10. Eugor

    Mint 19.1 xfce on Lenovo X220 laptop w/ dock

    Shot in the dark here to see if anyone has mint 19.1 xfce loaded on a X220 laptop with Ultrbase 3. I have a chance to get one on the cheap,( I like cheap ) and wondered if anyone has had any experience with this one. Especially with docking base with optical drive in it. If so, I would be...
  11. Eugor

    New Member Eugor- Greetings to All

    Hello. Originally I am from the Skylands of NW NJ, USA. Currently, I call East Texas my home. I enjoy tinkering with computers, and operating systems. And usually, I do manage to get myself in way over my head. I have used various linux operating systems off and on over the years, but strictly...
  12. Eugor

    Laptop Dual Boot Win 10/ Linux Mint 19.1xfce Bios Flash Issue

    Hello, Not sure where to post this. I do not have sufficient privilege to post in the laptop topic. Lenovo Ideapad 330 Removed hdd, replaced w/ssd Able to manipulate bios boot order etc Installed Win 10/ and Mint 19.1xfce After Mint install, typical dual boot interface at start up to choose os...