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  1. Deek

    Why does the Driver Manager in Mint 20.2, not let you see the drivers, change the settings of drives and/or actually "manage" the drivers?

    When starting my computer I get an error message that 'acceleration is not turned on for my video,' and then the question: "Open Driver Manager?" as if this could allow me to change this setting. I oblige and click 'yes' to open the driver manager, it does its little song and dance, then...
  2. Deek

    HI! Newbie, and not a techie either. Since I updated to Mint 20.2 a couple of months ago, I can't find my camera and neither can Zoom. Help?

    Hello, Please know, I know nothing about coding in any Linux language. I got fed up with Microsoft and vowed never to use any product of theirs again. My computer repair guy said I should try Linux, and I love the window based version and have done OK with it for a couple of years. I even...