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    (SOLVED) Error: file ‘/boot/initramfs-zen.img’ not found (solved)

    So I ran a "sudo pacman -Syu" update and this popped up. Loading Linux linux … Loading initial ramdisk … error: file ‘/boot/initramfs-zen.img’ not found Press any key to continue… I can still load into Arch from standard kernel but the zen kernel appears to have been broken by the update. Is...
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    Limited Wifi connectivity (closed)

    Logged into Endeavour and suddenly find my Wifi has limited connectivity with a small yellow exclamation mark next to the wifi icon. I'd post output but of course I can't connect to the internet so, well....(I'm working from my LMDE laptop for the time being). Has anyone else had this problem...
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    Firewall turns itself off....(SOLVED).

    Running Arch derivative EndeavourOS. Have noticed the firewall keeps turning itself off. Have run sudo ufw enable and sudo ufw status which states its "active" but then I check on it again, a couple of log off/in's later and its off, again. Anyone else experienced this?
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    Stable arch derivative

    Having had a few bad experiences with Manjaro recently, I'm looking for a new user friendly Arch derivative thats "stable". Does anyone have any suggestions, positive experiences?
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    I'm trying to recover accidentally deleted Libreoffice and WP office *.docx and *.odt files from my documents directory in Manjaro. I was wondering if Foremost would be a good tool to attempt this and if so what the right command would be? I have two SSD's. One SSD is the Manjaro drive...
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    USB extender not working properly (CLOSED).

    Hi All, Purchased one of those cheap and cheerful EBay USB extenders. The kind you plug into an existing USB port, that then offers in this case, another x3 ports to connect to. Oddly it recognises one of my external devices, a USB powered speaker, but not my keyboard or mouse. I wondered if...
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    Error: symbol "grub is lockdown" not found boot error (solved)

    Hi All, Running a Debian Buster derivative Q4OS. All was well until the weekend when it spat the dummy on start up: error: symbol 'grub_is_lockdown' not found. Entering rescue mode... grub rescue> Does anyone know how to fix this? Any advice appreciated.
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    Q4OS Quick review

    I was on the look for a lightweight linux OS for an old laptop and came across Q4OS. This is a German distro based on Debian Buster and I have to say, I really like it. It comes in the Trinity desktop or Plasma by default but offers other options too such as Cinnamon. I chose Plasma. It was...
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    If you have an ASUS AC56 and need a driver for Mint or Ubuntu.....

    If you have an ASUS AC56 can tell you this works with Mint. That includes LMDE. https://www.asus.com/nz/Networking/USBAC56/ https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/11/install-rtl8814au-driver-ubuntu-19-10-kernel-5-13/ I
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    How to install *.zip font packs (SOLVED).

    So I need to install a *.zip font pack in LMDE but I'm not entirely sure where to install it or the correct command to use. Any suggestions? SOLVED.
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    Formatted USB key showing wrong size

    I have very new Samsung USB key 65GB purchased from a legit retail outlet. For some reason when I formatted it in Manjaro using USB stick formatter and tried copying files it claims it only has 4GB of drive space when the drive is empty. Is it something to do with the extn FAT32/NTFS? I'm a...
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    Debian Mint better, worse or much the same?

    I have a 7 year old Windows 8 HP netbook that I wanted to "reform". It has 2GB of DDR3 ram, pretty crummy internal graphics, oddly enough, a touch screen, a 320GB mechanical SATA HDD, a very basic Intel processor and Windows 8. So I installed Mint Debian replacing Windows 8. The latter which...
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    Manjaro-the swiss army knife of Linux distro's

    I've just moved to Manjaro KDE Plasma after many years using Mint. Its been in place for over a month now so I though I'd offer up some initial impressions. I'll add before I start this is my experience and may not apply to everyone. Installing Manjaro is wonderfully easy. I appreciated it...
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    Hands up if you dislike dolphin file manager

    I like Manjaro but I deeply wish they had chosen a different default file manager. Dolphin is a buggy headache on so many levels and its made worse by the lack of an obvious "delete" function. Instead you have "move to trash" which does not work on large files. I actually had to do a search to...
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    (solved) Getting bluetooth speakers to work with Manjaro

    Hi All, Has anyone had problems getting bluetooth speakers to work with Manjaro KDE plasma? I have no trouble getting the speakers to pair but they do not always work with sound coming out of the laptop and not the speakers. I have tried removing and re-installing the speakers, tweaked a few...
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    Weird clock/time related problems in Manjaro

    Has anyone else had clock related problems in Manjaro KDE plasma? I have checked and its set for the right country/timezone but for some reason the time every day is incorrect and I have to manually re-set it. I had exactly the same problem with Mint. I have heard a rumour its common in dual...
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    My daughter wants Roblox on her Linux desktop. Yes I could install a dual boot with 10 but Linux has parental control software installed that actually works and I'd need a crow bar to pry her off the system with no time limits (before anyone asks parental control software in Windows is in my...
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    Hi All

    Hi All, I started out with tech back in the late 80's in network support installing and tinkering with IBM DOS on IBM desktops. Big heavy things that you needed a solid trolley to cart around to end users. I'm am not surprisingly a long term Windows user and have been into Linux since 2017...
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    Feren OS

    Thought I'd give my five cents worth on Feren OS. I have till recently been a long term Mint user but decided to make the switch to Feren. It shares the same origins as Mint but I think I mostly like it more. I'll add these are my opinions not a fact written in stone so keep this in mind when...