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  1. Alexzee

    Painting and Sketching

    I've been oil painting for 18 years and working with polychromos colored pencils making colored pencil sketches for about 10 years and love it! However there are some things I've tried but they haven't worked for me. I've posted all of my work over the last 5 years on Wordpress and none of my...
  2. Alexzee

    Linus Torvalds was approached by NSA for backdoor in Linux - Nils Torvalds (father of Linus)

    Very interesting video concerning Windows and Linux.
  3. Alexzee

    Debian 10 Buster XFCE How to disable the Login SOLVED

    Hi: Since my fresh install of Debian 10 I have had to consistently get up from my drafting table to log in to be able to see the picture on my monitor that I'm working with. I have to be able to study my reference photos without interruptions to finish my sketches/paintings. Anyone know how I...
  4. Alexzee

    Fresh Install Debian 10 Buster XFCE Clock Vanishes and Cairo Clock SOLVED

    Did a fresh installation yesterday of Debian 10 Buster XFCE. Everything is running well except the clock. When I try to fix the clock in the panel in properties and close the menu it dissapears. I also tried installing Cairo-doc-click-plug-in and that's not working either. Any ideas guys on...
  5. Alexzee

    How To Get Grub Back With My Fresh Slackware Installation

    After building a brand new desktop I was able to install Linux Mint 19.2 first and than yesterday I installed Slackware current. Now that Slackware is installed LILO took over and I can't boot into Linux Mint. How do I fix this?
  6. Alexzee

    Diable Secure Boot Grayed Out

    I am trying to d8sable secure Boot in the BIOs of my new build but it is Grayed out and the down arrow key won't go to "disable" I have done some reading online and folks are saying that you have to go to key management and delete the keys. Is this correct?
  7. Alexzee

    Brand New Desktop Build: Intel AC 9260 and Slackware

    I'm headed to Micro Center tomorrow to purchase everything for my brand new build. This Asus X570 Tuf Gaming Plus WiFi mobo comes with the Intel AC 9260 802.11ac card. What I don't know is if this WiFi card will work out of the box or not? Will I have to install the Intel firmware and install...
  8. Alexzee

    Ausu X570 Tuf Gaming Plus WiFi MOBO and the M.2 drive's

    Before I purchase this Ausu mobo I need help understanding something about the M.2 NVMe drives. This is the only thing that the motherboard book says about the M.2 drives: "Use pcie Raid Mode when installing the hyper M.2 x 16 card or other M2 cards. Installing other devices when using pcie...
  9. Alexzee

    Corrupt Files after an Update Slackware 14.2

    During an update today it timed out and retried 3 times. The man page for bzip2recover say: bzip2recover takes a single argument, the name of the damaged file, and writes a number of files "rec00001file.bz2", "rec00002file.bz2", etc, containing the extracted blocks. The...
  10. Alexzee

    Errors were encountered while processing: grub-pc mx-bootrepair

    Hi: I installed MX Linux on my friends 64-bit desktop pc and it's been running great until the last few updates. Grub still boots and the distro runs however I don't know how to fix this error, never seen this error before. Errors were encountered while processing: grub-pc mx-bootrepair E...
  11. Alexzee

    How To Upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10 Buster via Command line

    Hi: I found this tutorial yesterday and would like to upgrade my Debian 9 system to Debian 10 Buster. However before I do I wanted to make sure this was the right instructions. Can someone take a look and tell me if this looks right? Please- Here's the link...
  12. Alexzee

    Something Other Than Linux/Drafting Table

    I just finished putting together this drafting table from Blick and can't figure out how to adjust the arms to collapse the table so it sits flat. Does anyone here have a drafting table here that knows? Any help...
  13. Alexzee

    Upgrading FF and Chromium in Slackware 14.2

    I've been using FF (Firefox) and Chromium for a while now and I've wondered if there is any easier way to upgrade these 2 browsers. For now I use removepkg to rm the old Chromium browser and than follow that by using installpkg to install the newer version of Chromium. In order to upgrade FF I...
  14. Alexzee

    Desktop Locks Up

    I have a AMD Quad Core Phenom 64-bit desktop running Slackware and MX-18. It's runs great however over the last few months it's been locking up and the display shows 'no signal' getting to the screen. I'm using my 26 inch Vizio T.V. as a monitor and it is directly plugged into my Radeon GPU...
  15. Alexzee

    How To Fix The Clock In Slackware

    Many times I have tried fixing the clock in Slackware and for some reason timeconfig didn't work for me at all. I found a way to fix the clock and it works every time the clock is wrong. Open the terminal as root and run these commands one at a time. date -s "12:00:00" ntpdate
  16. Alexzee

    Building Packages on Slackware

    Hi: I do pretty will at keeping Slackware up to date and can install most things however; I would like to learn how to make my own packages. Anyone good at this or could post me a link where I could learn how?
  17. Alexzee

    New To

    Hi: I'm new here but I'm not new to Linux. :) I wasn't able to find the Slackware Forum.....can someone point me in the right direction?