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  1. CptCharis

    nextcloud server, no access from internet

    Solved ... router issues. Nothing to do with configuration.
  2. CptCharis

    nextcloud server, no access from internet

    Hello guys, I set up an ubuntu server in a Pi 4 and install nextcloud into it. Within LAN everything working perfect but from outer internet I can access only the default page of ubuntu. I have set up static IP, I have set up port 80 in my router and ufw is enable and apache ALLOW from...
  3. CptCharis

    Raspberry Pi is not booting with Ubuntu Server image.

    Hello everybody, I just burn a SD card with Ubuntu Server image for Pi 4 as per official instructions from Ubuntu site but Pi never boot. I use the official package of Pi 4 so power supply is the official one. Moreover Noobs working fine. Anybody with same issue?
  4. CptCharis

    Need Help with Samba permissions on sub directories.

    If I understood well we want to have a FTP server , why don’t you install owncloud or nextcloud app on top of Ubuntu server?
  5. CptCharis

    compile kernel

    Hello guys , I have downloaded all required programs for compiling. I used menuconfig which completed successfully. After that I run make command and I had the above error. I will try to copy the existing kernel and I will be back. Thanks for your time.
  6. CptCharis

    compile kernel

    Hello there, Im trying to compile latest kernel 5.5.2. During "make" command, I have this error: make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'certs/rhel.pem', needed by 'certs/x509_certificate_list'. Stop. make: *** [Makefile:1693: certs] Error 2 I use CentOS 8 in a virtual machine. First time...
  7. CptCharis

    kvm inactive network

    Internet is the best friend of human and then the dog.
  8. CptCharis

    kvm inactive network

    Ok guys problem solved....almost. Let's see all the procedure. First of all I create a group named kvm sudo groupadd kvm and then I installed all the below packages sudo apt install bridge-utils libvirt-bin qemu-kvm qemu-system Next, make the root user and the kvm group the owner of the...
  9. CptCharis

    kvm inactive network

    Hello there, I just mess with qemu/kvm using virtual manager. During set up a VM I have following error. Also as can you see on the last screenshot my NAT is inactive. Anybody can help?
  10. CptCharis

    Trouble with booting from Ext SSD HDD 500Gb Samsung T5

    What have I lost not using secure boot? and also this
  11. CptCharis

    UBUNTU Image to SD Card

    Hello @CHEETAH2020 Are you using windows? then rufus is a good choice. Linux Mint has its own Graphical tool to do this so no need to download another app. Finally "dd" command is always there to do the trick
  12. CptCharis

    Trouble with booting from Ext SSD HDD 500Gb Samsung T5

    This is the best way. I have done with my LMint. The USB stick will be formatted during the process. As far for your ext HDD i think FAT32 can work. In my case I formated my HDD as NTFS and installation completed without issues.
  13. CptCharis

    Trouble with booting from Ext SSD HDD 500Gb Samsung T5

    Hello @Soulful_Quaser check if secure boot is active and deactivate it. Ubuntu usually has no issues with secure boot but you never know.
  14. CptCharis

    Good tutorial for beginners: Installing Ubuntu.

    Hello @Tolkem, Try this out
  15. CptCharis

    Shortcut to connect to Bluetooth Device

    Hello @prismavoid08 Why not write a script, including all necessary commands and execute it? You can also add it to your /usr/bin directory and run it as a program.
  16. CptCharis

    W: Unable to read /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webupd8team-y-ppa-manager-bionic.list - open (13: Permission denied)

    Hello @Greg Baker ! Permission denied means that current user has no access to this particular file. Did you try "sudo" in front of your command. Usually in Ubuntu based distro "root user" is locked by default but initial user who you made, during installation has access to everything iwo sudo...
  17. CptCharis

    Is there just one 000-default.conf file

    Hello @ozstar, I agree with @captain-sensible, Apache is using the concept of a Virtual Host but I have to add that you can have a single server with one IP and serve different sites. To set this up, you have to create a separate configuration file for each of them and store them in Apache...
  18. CptCharis

    Lost in Grub2

    Hello @CABrouwers. My suggestion forget the 1st Method. Try again the 2nd one but download your .iso again and check it against checksum. here a link how to do it, my little experience says that if you have a problem with grub files is a tricky task even for expert users. Best case to download...
  19. CptCharis

    Linux on external hdd

    I do exactly what you need with my Linux Mint. It's installation have done almost out of the box. About UEFI there is a minor possibility you will need to deactivate secure boot in your boot menu.
  20. CptCharis

    umask 0022 and 22

    Umask command controls the default permissions given to a file when it is created. It is uses octal notation to express a mast of bits to be removed from a file's mode attributes. if you run command "umask" in your terminal it will return "0002" which is the octal representation of your mask...