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    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    There is an option called dual boot where you install Linux alongside windows on the same drive. In the Linux mint installer should be an option where you can shrink the windows partition and install mint on the same drive.
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean

    I would first disable it via systemctl disable plymouth Then reboot and it should work fine. One question: were you able to log in when you booted into recovery like I discribed?
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean

    You have Plymouth installed? Have you installed it your self? Normaly that's not part of the default arch installation. This may be the problem.
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean

    Go to your boot loader, press e at the first entry, scroll down to where it says quiet and loglevel=3. Remove the 'quiet', type in 'single' and then crtl+x. Your arch will boot into recovery mode with all maasages on the boot screen.
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    xfce4 in live cd? Reading this will help
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    xfce4 in live cd?

    They didn't just change icons and textures, this doesn't make a new distribution. They also wrote and configures they own software like pamac or the manjaro settings which got part of their distribution. They also configured they os so that it will be usable for the most people with the most...
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    xfce4 in live cd?

    So, you can install arch with all the packages you want (also xfce) and startup Skripts onto a USB drive and then just take an image(.Img or .Iso). From this flash drive so that the users you want this to install have just to burn your image onto a USB drive and are ready to go. Note! you...
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    compile kernel

    Did u make menuconf?
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    Specific packages inclusion in Arch Linux?

    They made their own iso.
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    yay not installing in Arch linux

    You may move the package files you want to build to this users home dir, so he really has the rights he needs to run makepkg.
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    yay not installing in Arch linux

    useradd -m test su test Command you want to run exit userdel test
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    Exec a cmd as root from another user without switch user

    Sudo before the command.
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    yay not installing in Arch linux

    Make another user, log in with this user and make the package.
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    Specific packages inclusion in Arch Linux?

    Ehm, you can write a script that's executed at every start that installs the packagrws you want using pacman, and pacman can also install applications from packages which are stored locally.
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    Debian 10 Buster XFCE How to disable the Login SOLVED

    Go to the xfce powersettings and change the time the computer needs to fall to sleep to endless.
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    Log in issue

    Wrong keymap? Have you tried to log in via the tty? By pressing crtl+alt+F2? Why do you use kali? Have you read the article pinned in this forum about kali Linux?
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    Epson XP-340

    Have you installed gutenprint?
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    ftp problems manjaro

    It was not my server. It looked like some package on my system was not stable or just didn't work. So there was another more stable release of this package which got into the repository after some time. That was the fix, I only did frequent updates.
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    ftp problems manjaro

    Got the problem fixed after some update-cycles. Now everything is fine and working again. :)
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    Hipster Linux

    Hey guys, a few days ago I started to create my own Linux distribution, mainly for learning and fun. I called it hipster Linux, because it should be a Linux distribution for people thet want to use their computer just from the commandline and do other hipster things. It's based on arch and I...