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    [SOLVED] rsync hanging within minutes.

    Hello everyone. I am using arch linux and since i could not currently use timeshift I decided to just manually back up my system with rsync if there is any problems in the future so i will have backup. I tried to use rsync and every time I used the command within about 3-5 minutes of it backing...
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    [SOLVED] Arch linux sound crackling/skipping.

    Hello everyone. I am having trouble with small skips and crackling inside arch linux. I have just recently installed this arch install onto my pc last week and have been working on it and have been satistied with everything besides the volume problems i am stating here. (please excuse my...
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    [SOLVED] Best hardware (build) for linux

    Hi everyone, Well, I decided why not just get a new mobo, graphics card, and cpu. What combo would be the absolute best for performance ? something that the hardware is very well supported no screen tearing and not having to edit lots of params in grub and such? i would like it to be intel...
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    Hardware Trouble In multiple distros (grahcical,Ethernet)

    Greetings, I have been having problem with my hardware for quite a while now and have been trying to figure it out on my own just by reading forms and such and I have found a few forms that helped but honestly most of them were complete idiots so I decided to make my own and explain in depth the...