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    The Perfect Frankenstein Distro?

    If you could cobble together the best parts of existing disparate Linux distros, what it look like? First, what would your base distro be? Second, what parts would you steal from other distros? For example, would you use OpenSUSE as a base and add Arch features? Or would you start with KDE...
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    Linux Daydreaming

    Sometimes I daydream about when we might see the fabled "Year of the Linux Desktop". It may happen one day but I think fragmentation (as beautiful as it is) has stymied the critical mass necessary to reach it. So, I have this fantasy where a group of computer manufacturers decide to bring about...
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    BlackArch, Kali, Parrot or Tails???

    Anyone have thoughts on the pros & cons of these "security" distros?
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    Xfce Popularity

    It is my understanding that the xfce desktop is available on more distros than any other desktop. Can someone confirm that?
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    Antergos / CinnArch

    I know the Antergos developers no longer focus on the Cinnamon desktop as they once did. Does anyone know why? I found Antergos after leaving Mint because I was looking for a rolling distro with the Cinnamon desktop. I dont have any complaints, but it would be nice if Antergos could give a...
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    Arch Comparisons

    Just for fun I'd like to try to compare Arch derivatives to Debian derivatives. I'm an enthusiast, not an expert so this is going to be based partly on personal experience but mostly from reviews I've read. Feel free to offer corrections or additions to the list. Arch ...