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    Fedora/Pantheon - Timezone issue

    Hi All I've been having some issues correcting the time after just recently installing Fedora and the Pantheon DE. I finally managed to set Local time correctly by turning off NTP and using "~]$ sudo date --set 17:58:00" but RTC and UTC are different to the Local time and, whilst the Clock...
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    Noob trying to run before he can walk - Fedora 32-bit compatibility environment?

    Hi All I'm trying to install Phoenix Firestorm (Second Life Viewer) on Fedora 36 with the Pantheon DE but the install (although completing without apparent errors that I saw) won't fire up when clicking the launch icon in Applications and just does nothing. After actually reading the install...
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    New to Fedora/Linux - Quick Questions

    Hi All I'm trying to convince my partner to move from Windows to Linux and, after reviewing a number of distros, decided to give Fedora (with the Pantheon DE) a try! If anyone has 2 minutes to answer some initial noob questions below to get me up and running that would be much appreciated: 1...
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    Unable to enable USB live boot option in BIOS/UEFI - Inspiron 3505 - Windows 10 - Already tried disabling FastBoot

    Hi I'm trying to run a live version of Kali on an Inspiron 3505 running Windows 10 but I seem to have a limited BIOS menu rather than the original Dell with far more options that I'm seeing on other guides where they disable secure boot, enable USB booting and change the boot order etc. I've...