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    New feature: nvidia graphics info in inxi/pinxi -Gx -Ga --nvidia - testers?

    Running live now in pinxi pinxi -U if you have it installed sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/pinxi pinxi && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pinxi if you don't. This will show information that will get more important now that Nvidia has taken the first steps to opensourcing it's driver...
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    New pinxi/inxi -G/Graphics Upgrade - Testers!

    Any testers willing and able to bang around new pinxi graphics feature, which is closing in on ready for release to next inxi, welcome. As with the recent CPU full rewrite, this is a full rewrite of most of the graphics logic, mainly to finally add Wayland support, at least the first major...
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    Testers for inxi/pinxi redone -C CPU logic... huge internal changes

    After about a month or more of research, I was finally able to start the big CPU refactor, the very early parts of it were in inxi 3.3.09, but that was released mainly to get other bugs and issue fixes released, and had some temporary placeholder fixes and tools for CPU logic. Those are all...
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    Testers for next inxi (pinxi) - USB, Bluetooth, USB upgrades

    Since I just joined here, I might as well see if anyone wants to test the latest pinxi (the development branch of inxi) To install pinxi: # you can put it anywhere, but I find putting it in $PATH is easier cd /usr/local/bin && wget -O pinxi && chmod +x pinxi # or if you already...