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  1. Mohamad.1996

    Upgrading Kali Release

    Hello everyone How can we upgrade Kali Release in correct way? I upgraded my Kali last night but I faced with kernel panic after rebooting of system I upgraded with this commands apt update && apt -y full-upgrade
  2. Mohamad.1996

    Upgrading to new Release

    Hello There, Is there any posibility to upgrade kali version from 2020.2 to version 2020.3 ? I mean by commandline.
  3. Mohamad.1996


    Is there someone to answer my question? I asked about Why Tor Is not working properly I need tutorial about install and configuring tor.
  4. Mohamad.1996

    Tor problem

    Hi I want to use Tor service and brute force instagram account and use Vpn with it but when the tool is trying to establish connection to different ports of tor it fails. The name of tool is instainsane from github I need help. Tor does not connect I mean service tor not browser mind that.
  5. Mohamad.1996


    Hi Friends I had ran into problem for a long time, I'm using Centos7 in Vmware and I can't do yum update or for example Install yum collectd but always receive damagedrepomd.xml before that I was receiving no more mirrors!! even I reverted snapshot I always should assign ip to my centos 7 by...
  6. Mohamad.1996

    Unable to locate package in ubuntu

    Hi friends I can't download a package .Is there anybody Who can I give my virtual file for ubuntu linux through Email? Edit: removed email address
  7. Mohamad.1996

    Compiling the Kernel and difficulties

    Hi There! I downloaded new kernel from That's it > 5.5.7 and after that I compiled it but I am afraid that couldn't compile it correctly I also use Ubuntu 19.04. when I did reboot after minutes I saw this I can run very very few commands let's see Has anybody tried this way? or is it...
  8. Mohamad.1996

    Arrow keys in a completely text mode or terminal

    Hi friends How can we work with arrow keys in when we are in terminal except less and more? I've read shift + pageup and another mixed shortcut but I couldn't I think there is one way and that's less and more Else????
  9. Mohamad.1996

    Editing grub?

    Hi friends. I wanted to use another kernel for loading but here I've got this!!! you know I wanted to use another kernel every command I typed showed not found I did these things: in liunx debian 10 grub-install /dev/sda or grub2-install /dev/sda all of them showed command not found and also...
  10. Mohamad.1996

    Remote from Windows to Linux

    Hello.How can I remote from windows to linux? I can't remote.It's error connection log . I run them by vmware but I couldn't.