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    Backup & Restore Problems (solved)

    I attempted an upgrade which resulted in problems rebooting. The distro did make it to the login screen but hung up when entering the password to log in. I could not get to my backups and had to re-install the distro after running for several years without any problems. I have a remedy for my...
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    Linux Cloud Storage

    What are your suggestions for personal Cloud storage? Cloud storage includes Manjaro and LibreOffice backups. Desktop app and Sync capabilities would be a bonus.
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    Linux Set up of Lenovo T480 laptop

    I finally received my Lenovo T480 laptop. I believed the laptop was coming from Lenovo Canada in Markham, Ontario. I was surprized it came from China. It touched down in three major USA cities and 3 Canadian cities before reaching my front door. However, I was impressed with the quality of the...