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  1. DexTheDog


    Just won a chromebit on ebay auctions and was wondering if any one has any advice for putting linux on it. It has a Rockchip 3288-C. Thanks in advance dexter.
  2. DexTheDog

    Should linux users buy windows games?

    I know that using only Linux native games cuts down the library of games a lot but it also might encourage game devs to make their games Linux native.
  3. DexTheDog

    Locked Threads

    I was looking at a locked thread and ended up liking a post and thought this might be a interesting thing to know.
  4. DexTheDog

    Windows File Manager has ads now?

    That is a video showing a photo of an ad in windows file explorer. So I for some reason signed up for windows insider back when I was using windows. Do you think this would be in the beta, dev or Release Preview Channel build?
  5. DexTheDog

    Power out of a windows laptop.

    So I have been trying to get my rpi backup and running and was having it fail to boot. Turns out the problem is that it was trying to boot off of my windows laptop which I was using for power do you know if there is a way to disable usb-c boot on a raspberry pi. I think that changing the boot...
  6. DexTheDog

    Spotify and Discord are down.

    No one posted this yet here so.
  7. DexTheDog

    Gray or Grey?

    I use Grey but I think it would be fun to see what the Linux community uses.
  8. DexTheDog


    To start off with I am not a big RGB guy and lights I do prefer blue lights if I have lights. So I am rebuilding an emachines pc and am using a yeyian case it came with one blue fan so I got another on ebay so both front fan slots could be filled and that lead me here to ask what fans and fan...
  9. DexTheDog

    Twister UI

    So I have been rebuilding an Emachines pc to try and replicate the look and feel of my first desktop pc both pcs originally ran windows 7. I want to use Twister UI to replicate the Windows 7 look (I have already tested this and it works ). I at first had Linux Mint Cinnamon installed. But does...
  10. DexTheDog

    3D-printers linux

    I don't know how many people have 3d printers on this forum but found this model and thought it would be fun to share.
  11. DexTheDog

    RPI Live stream to show printing

    So I have been using obs studio and have been wanting to stream feed from a Logitech webcam plugged into an RPI and have the camera be recording my 3d printer. Do you think this will work? And do you have any ideas of what to stream to like Youtube, Twitch, and so on?
  12. DexTheDog

    GT 430

    I am rebuilding an emachines pc and part of the rebuild is a GPU and PSU upgrade. I have been having problems with a GeForce 218 and the built-in graphics crashing but I think is the PSU low wattage so that problem is "solved" and I am getting the new PSU shipped and I already got the GPU but...
  13. DexTheDog

    CAD programs

    Hello, I have been fixing up my 3d printer and am planning on setting it back up today so I am wondering what CAD programs that export .stl people use?
  14. DexTheDog

    Old thread with an interesting concept. I was looking to see if there was a thread celebrating when reached 10k members and found this.
  15. DexTheDog

    Red Star OS

    I saw a video about Korea's red star os and am wondering if anyone has tried it?
  16. DexTheDog

    Bad Block

    I think I just had my first encounter with a bad block error.
  17. DexTheDog

    Space engineers

    Has anyone tried this game?
  18. DexTheDog

    Puppy linux

    Has anyone used puppy Linux for gaming? Also, does anyone know if this guy is selling puppy drives?
  19. DexTheDog

    What do you format your USB/external storage to

    I use the fat format but it would be nice to know what other people use?
  20. DexTheDog

    RPI star trek NAS

    So I am a TOS Trekkie and have been wanting to make a NAS but I also bought a USB floppy drive at a thrift store. So I want to make a Star Trek NAS using floppy disks as a removable storage device.and a laptop hard drive as a main drive. Any suggestions?