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  1. osprey

    Parrot os help. Stuck in grub

    It may be useful to check whether the parrot iso is valid. Verification info is available under the heading of "ISO verification" at this site: When you know that the iso is valid...
  2. osprey

    Parrot os help. Stuck in grub

    Brickwizard wrote: I'm confused. Is Parrot now Pop?
  3. osprey

    Status check of service and restart if its not up

    samx wrote: Here's one form of logic, as I understand it, in a testable form. The program to test whether a particular script is running or not, is called "progRunOrNot". The particular script to be tested for running status or not, is called "runscript". "runscript" was created to show how...
  4. osprey

    [Pop OS] HDMI stopped working

    Cach wrote: . You could inspect the logs: journalctl output, /var/log/syslog file output, the Xorg.0.log file if using xorg. If you have loaded proprietary nvidia drivers, then you may need to investigate how to troubleshoot them ... I'm not familiar with them. But you could unload them and...
  5. osprey

    Good Linux Convertible Laptop

    Bartman wrote: Yes. Shopping is a discretionary business.
  6. osprey

    Optus (Australia) says it has been hit by a cyber attack that has compromised customer information

    The data was purportedly encrypted, but since real information has been released, the hack must have included decryption keys. Some info here:
  7. osprey

    Today's article has you opening Nano at a specific line number...

    Very handy one for me. Similar for vim.
  8. osprey

    Good Linux Convertible Laptop

    super_user_do wrote: The usual answer for linux users who need to check out the workablility of a laptop is to load a live linux distro from a live iso on a usb and see what works and what doesn't. Hopefully, a wise shopkeeper won't mind. Unfortunately these days, some machines won't allow such...
  9. osprey

    Trouble Shooting LaCie Rugged USB-C External Hard Drive on LINUX **Help

    What does lsblk output say when the device is plugged in, and when it's unplugged?
  10. osprey

    Trouble Shooting LaCie Rugged USB-C External Hard Drive on LINUX **Help

    If it's showing as a usb device you can run: lsusb to identify it by name hopefully.
  11. osprey

    Preventing or Stopping CPU Freezing in Linux

    Here's a rundown of actions I have used from my notes on freezes from some years past: - check memory with memtest86+, usually from a live disk. - add "nomodeset" to the kernel boot line to see if it makes a difference. - dump the process list to a file each minute to see what's hogging...
  12. osprey

    Trouble Shooting LaCie Rugged USB-C External Hard Drive on LINUX **Help

    I guess the first step is to find out if the kernel sees it, because it if doesn't, there's little that one can do with it in linux. This post may help with checking this out:
  13. osprey

    LSF - Kernel boot hangs

    LFS is undoubtedly a major learning experience. Kudos for taking that route.
  14. osprey

    How is amdgpu firmware installed on LMDE5 desktop?

    Okay. It was possible to see whether the files mentioned in your post #1 were present on the system by inspecting the already installed package firmware-amd-graphics with: apt-file list firmware-amd-graphics Then you could see whether the message with a list of missing firmware files was...
  15. osprey

    How is amdgpu firmware installed on LMDE5 desktop?

    What you seek is in the package: firmware-amd-graphics. Usual advice is to install it from the repositories of your distribution, LMDE5, e.g.: apt install firmware-amd-graphics
  16. osprey

    Linux Miscellany

    DE = Desktop Environment, such as gnome, KDE, and XFCE etc. They differ from using just a window manager such as openbox, i3, awesome, dwm, herbstluftwm etc. DE's are fully featured with lots of buttons to push to achieve lots of different functions whereas window managers are more one...
  17. osprey

    LSF - Kernel boot hangs

    Electric_Pulse wrote: Unless I'm not understanding something, please forgive my ignorance, but I wonder how a system can run when it is not informed by fstab as to what to mount, and hence make those mounted filesystems become available to the user?
  18. osprey

    Pop_os! terminal started behaving weird.

    There doesn't appear to be any problems with the output you have shown. There is usually no /Downloads directory. "/Downloads" would mean that Downloads is in the root directory, which it usually isn't, but rather is found in the home directory as you found at: /home/katsu/Downloads. Similarly...
  19. osprey

    #opiran, the internet doomsday scenario, how to check what service is working? Live attempts to use Tor in the doomsday

    Satellite is likely one reliable solution, but it can be a cost, needs some basic infrastructure and technical savvy. Perhaps start with: I'm hoping you can access such pages, which may unfortunately be a forlorn hope in your case...
  20. osprey

    wireless 2.4 hz dongle connected but no audio

    Ensure that all the bluetooth software is installed. Have a read of:, and see if some suggestions there can help. It's more advanced than my own experience.