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    See past commands issued

    This is a hypothetical question So let's say my friend promises I can trust him to SSH into my Debian-based Linux VPS hosted on a VPS provider Is there a way to view every command he's entered in the logs without the possibility that he deleted malicious log entries? Or some program that can...
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    Forum with more specialized Email knowledge?

    I'm looking to hire a programmer with real deep knowledge of how TLS packets are handled by email servers. Anyone know a forum similar to this, but hyper-focused on email?
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    Forward TLS packets for encrypted email

    My question is more related to IMAP email than Linux. But I’d be using Linux to do it, so I thought to ask here. So email is encrypted by TLS until it gets to the server. Is it possible given the existing IMAP email technology, to setup a customized VPS server that just forwards 100% of the...
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    download a file from VPS

    I'm back with another noob question that has become a struggle. I appreciate all the help guys, I'm sorry in advance so I'm looking to download a .txt file from my VPS to the local PC. (both local PC & VPS are Debian) I can't use wget or curl because those are for external websites right? So...
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    SOLVED: mv command with no destination?!?! omg it's gone?

    So I was following a guide and the guy did a move command without a destination. I thought it made like a copy or something. But it had brackets at the end like this: mv folders/file.key{,.bak} now I can't find the file. even if I search by file extension like: find . *.key is the file...
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    No Files in the VPS? (noob question)

    Hi I am new, please forgive me. So I have a VPS with Debian. If I do an "ls" command, there are no files/folders. Like where is my "etc" folder?
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    Block Root Access? New OS on VPS!

    I'm interested in engaging in controversial free speech. I am well aware that a VPS provider can literally pull the plug and shut my VPS down. And there's nothing I can do about that. However, what is more concerning is my VPS provider said they can change the root password. Which would mean...