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  1. HAL_2000

    GAH! "No such file or directory"

    Hello Experienced Linux users, Long-time Windows user, exploring Linux here, now running Ubuntu-based LXLE 18.04.3 32-bit on a Sony Viao Intel Core i5 testbed. LXLE runs nicely OOTB (Out Of The Box), but now trying to follow the download and Command Line instructions found on this page: How...
  2. HAL_2000

    Hibernation issue with LXLE 18.04.3 32-bit on Dell 700m

    Hello Experienced Linux Users, For those unfamiliar with my current mission, I am reviving older hardware (mostly 32bit machines) with lightweight distros of Linux for donations to kids overseas (and I am told there is a local tech). This issue involves a Dell Inspiron 700m (1.6GHz Centrino...
  3. HAL_2000

    Linux Flossing - Purging Remnants of (imperfectly) Uninstalled Programs

    Hello Experienced Linux Users, Fairly new to Linux and I am learning the CLI, Synaptic and so forth. Currently running Q4OS under its XPQ4 / 32 bit version. Debian-based, German-coded, Q4OS is wonderfully light and easy to install. The baked-in image viewers (Krita and Okular), however...
  4. HAL_2000

    New User - Locating and installing Device Drivers in Debian-based Q4OS

    Hello Experienced Linux users, Fairly new to Linux, and trying to revive some older hardware for donations. Up until now, I've been reviving older and RAM-restricted computers by installing Ubuntu-derived Lubuntu, Linux Lite and LXLE. In those distros, wireless drivers, sound, video and...
  5. HAL_2000

    Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

    Reading some very interesting posts by users Poorguy & Tolkem at ... ... but not wanting to hijack that thread, I first searched the fora to see if this question has already be asked and...