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  1. dos2unix

    Why would I want symbolic links to be "followed"? How does this effect cd's behavior?

    CD rom's typically hold about 700MB. DVD's typically hold about 4.7GB. So let's say I make a filesystem about 4.5GB to copy to DVD. However somewhere in that filesystem, I have symbolic link to an external directory that is 10GB in size. If I "follow" that symbolic link. I going to try to put...
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    Cron job not running successfully

    One of the flags for "sudo" is "-s" which is asking for which shell you want to run script under. So what is happening here.... sudo su - (some stuff) -s chema (more stuff) But -s is expecting something like bash, ksh, zsh, fish or csh. Usually you don't run "sudo" in a crontab. You...
  3. dos2unix

    RHEL 8 Partition

    no flags... are you root? If that doesn't work... We can try .. cat /etc/fstab
  4. dos2unix

    RHEL 8 Partition

    OK, you are using LVM, that'll make this a little easier. Can you give output of ... vgdisplay
  5. dos2unix

    RHEL 8 Partition

    What is output of ... df -h
  6. dos2unix

    Sockets identification

    RS232 serial. What we used to connect modems to, back in the dial-up days.
  7. dos2unix

    Sparse File Unpack turns into Infinite Data Suck

    I don't recall stating that. It is possible that it could be larger, although unusual.
  8. dos2unix

    What exactly is the point of having faster RAM when older and slower RAM (and my whole older PC) loads things faster?

    There is some truth in this. Windows 3.1 used to come on a floppy disk. I used it on a 386 with 8 meg of RAM. (not a typo... Meg) and 266Mhz RAM. A few years later, I got another computer. A pentium with 128 meg of 667Mhz RAM. Now Windows came on a 650meg CD. It was 10 times bigger. So...
  9. dos2unix

    Linux Audio Interface Project

    I would recommend a distro that uses pipewire audio libraries. I like audacity.
  10. dos2unix

    Changing the kernel man patch <- can be helpful. If you've never compiled a kernel before, and you don't know what all is involved... as far as step by step...
  11. dos2unix

    Firewalling with iptables

    Almost all modern distro's do this by default. wlp59s0 looks like a wireless interface to me. Wifi is a little more challenging. Typically your firewall will disable everything except ping replies.
  12. dos2unix

    Sparse File Unpack turns into Infinite Data Suck

    This has little to do with the fact it's a sparse file. This is also a compressed file. Like a zip file. Compressed files can easily grow to 10x or more of their compressed size.
  13. dos2unix

    Finding all the kernel source files used when compiling against a certain config file

    It kind of depends on the distro. But for the most part, all you really need to compile the kernel is the kernel source file. Of course you need the development tools and a dozens of dev libraries. Assuming you have everything else already in place (i.e glibc, gcc, clang, etc... ) the kernel...
  14. dos2unix

    corrupted file or virus?

    @dos2unix you have any clue here ? I've never had to do this. I run libreoffice however. I do get weirdly named tmpfiles frequently. Dozens of times every day. Almost every application that runs background processes will create tmpfiles. It's not a virus, (at least not in my case).
  15. dos2unix

    Failed to install and run wine virtualbox VMware in Fedora 36

    If for some reason you need winehq. You have to install about 30 other devlopment packages. sudo dnf install alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 glibc-devel.i686 glibc-devel libgcc.i686 libX11-devel.i686 freetype-devel.i686 libXcursor-devel.i686 libXi-devel.i686 libXext-devel.i686...
  16. dos2unix

    Failed to install and run wine virtualbox VMware in Fedora 36

    Why do you need winehq? It isn't a standard Fedora rpm. I suspect this is breaking your wine. None of the standard Fedora repos (including rpmfusion) have winehq. Fedora rarely names it's packages any "stable". This is more of a Ubuntu/Debian thing. The only packages I've ever seen named...
  17. dos2unix

    [ solved ] Encountering some trouble installing linux on ASUS FX505DY

    Almost all the error I see here are acpi related. Any chance you can disable that in your BIOS? (UEFI)
  18. dos2unix

    How does one make URLs in the terminal function as links?

    Having them "be links" is one thing. That is done through html. is really... (I've over simplified it quite a bit ) <html> <head><title>Google Page</title></head> <body> <a href=></a><br /> </body> </html> Your browser hides all that...
  19. dos2unix

    Share your hardware setups

    My Laptop inxi -CDGm Memory: RAM: total: 15.35 GiB used: 893 MiB (5.7%) Array-1: capacity: 64 GiB slots: 2 EC: None Device-1: DIMM A type: DDR4 size: 8 GiB speed: 3200 MT/s Device-2: DIMM B type: DDR4 size: 8 GiB speed: 3200 MT/s CPU: Info: 8-core model: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H...
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    Share your hardware setups

    inxi -CDGm Memory: RAM: total: 78.47 GiB used: 5.02 GiB (6.4%) Array-1: capacity: 128 GiB slots: 4 EC: None Device-1: DIMM 0 type: DDR4 size: 32 GiB speed: 3200 MT/s Device-2: DIMM 1 type: DDR4 size: 8 GiB speed: 3200 MT/s Device-3: DIMM 0 type: DDR4 size: 32 GiB speed: 3200 MT/s...