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  1. kingsX

    How to scan for viruses?

    Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia MATE. I'd like to do a virus scan as i was just at a 'site that made my pc behave really strangely. I've never scanned before on Linux. I went to the package manager and downloaded Clamsmtp. When i went to Menu, i couldn't find it. I am very computer illiterate, so i'm...
  2. kingsX

    Can't get CD burners to work properly.

    Hi, For the last few days i've been trying to burn songs to a few CDs for a friend, but i'm not having any luck. For years i've been using XFBurn successfully, however for some reason every CD now comes out a little distorted. I reinstalled XFBurn but that has made no difference. I did try K3b...
  3. kingsX

    Getting rid of some updates.

    I use Linux Mint, 18.3 Sylvia, MATE. I currently have around 60 updates in the update manager & i'm wondering if its possible to delete some of the updates from the manager or not? I used to download every update more or less, however it seemed to me that not all updates were applicable to me &...