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    Screen Brightness Issue

    i have installed Arch i3 on a laptop and soon found the following issue... 1. hotkeys for brightness not working 2. hotkeys for volume not working also can i install a settings application on i3 ???
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    Wifi Not Found After System Update

    i'm using ArcoLinux and i have updated my system and rebooted my system then i was not able to connect wifi kindly help
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    i am unable to use DRI_PRIME in Arch Linux.... whenever i use it my system hangs.... but DRI_PRIME working absolutely fine in UBUNTU Gnome
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    is there any way to make krunner (from kde) look like mac search... i saw many people use this but m not sure how they did it.. any suggestions
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    Stuck in a boot loop

    i installed linux and linux headers and rebooted then removed limux-zen kernel... then updated grub config... but then also i'm stuck at this... what to do
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    How to fix Conky's Ram and Storage Reading :(

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    Have you tried Garuda Linux ? Tell Me how you feel in the comment section.
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    Screen Tearing

    everytime i screen record I face screen tearing issue. And somtimes I face this issue when my laptop i ideal. I use Arch Linux KDE with Intel i5 8th Gen CPU and AMD R5 M330 2GB GPU. Need help
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    Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error. (0). How to fix this ?

    I'm having this issue for 2 days. first in Kubuntu and today in Arch Linux KDE Plasma... first i thought "" is down but no. i was wrong. kindly help..
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    No Wifi Adapter Found

    i habe been using linux for a long time now... but one common issue i have been facing is my wifi driver.... i cannot use my wifi in any distro except Ubuntu 20.04LTS and distros based on it.... i'm unable to use fedora, cent os, arch linux and even debian.... i found no solution to this issue...