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  1. Sudo It

    Parabola Linux Installation

    I tried to install Parabola OpenRC LXDE on QEMU, but it seems like there is a problem with CLI installer. Followed every step carefully and I'm stuck here always at the end. There was only manual installation guide on Parabola Wiki and could not find any instruction on the CLI installation...
  2. Sudo It

    Installing and using Virt Manager on Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I really want to install Android as a virtual machine on my RPI4, but it doesn't seem to work. The image file I downloaded is Lineage OS Android 12 from KonstaKang. Since it has a good reputation, I think this is a problem with the way I installed Virt Manager. I installed, qemu-kvm...
  3. Sudo It

    Error message on cryptsetup

    Hey, So, I've been trying to enable integrated graphics of my cpu but I messed up. The system didn't output to the monitor after enabling integrated graphics, then I reset BIOS settings, but even then, nothing changed. I booted from another hard drive and it worked. So, I realized I must have...
  4. Sudo It

    Installing Nvidia Drivers on LMDE 5

    Huge Mint fan here. I experienced screen tearing issues after waking up my computer from sleep. Then, as a solution, I was trying to install proprietary nvidia drivers in my LMDE 5 setup and so far, everything I tried was a fail. First I tried to install drivers from synaptcs. Then, tried...
  5. Sudo It

    No internet on Anbox

    I installed Anbox on Raspberry pi 4, but it doesn't seem to connect to the internet. I saw this same problem on other forums too. Does someone have any idea? TIA anbox version anbox danctnix-0_git20211020-r1 System Info
  6. Sudo It

    Do you own a smartphone? Let's talk about smartphones.

    I am from Genz and most of people in my age don't even own a computer. They are addicted to their mobile phones (even me) most of the time but they don't have even basic technology literacy. I bought my current smartphone an year ago and it won't receive updates after this year. So, basically...
  7. Sudo It

    WIFI acts wierdly on RP4 Raspbian OS

    I have a raspberry pi 4 8GB model and it worked perfectly fine until few hours ago. Now it connects to my wifi router but internet doesn't work. Weird part is, telegram works though web browsers and other apps don't:rolleyes:. Does anyome have any idea why this happened? I ran ifconfig and this...
  8. Sudo It

    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    I got a good offer for a "Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Development Board Kit 8GB Ram" model, but I've never really used one. I saw on forums that people use a raspberry pi as a daily driver, and I'm also interesting to try out so then I can use it to do basic tasks like web surfing, little bit...
  9. Sudo It

    Privacy for normies. I would like to know your opinions

    This is actually for normies just like me. Also, this is not for a someone NSA is coming after. If you're reading this, most probably you're already a linux user or you're planning to move to linux from other Operating systems. This is not for those people who say "I don't have anything to...
  10. Sudo It

    Virus guards for Linux? Is it necessary

    First I should apoligize if this is a dumb question:). As I know Linux is the safest OS , but I saw few articles that Linux isn't completely safe bcz it is becoming an increasingly attractive target for malwares and viruses. Windows has hundreds of anvirus softwares like Avast, Kaspersky etc...
  11. Sudo It

    Installing Linux on smart mobile phones

    I wanted to use a safe OS on my mobile phone, but Google is clearly not the right answer. I am seeing advertisements simillar to what I searched few days ago even when I use an vpn.:confused: I saw there are mobile phones running on linux now but I don't have a luxury to buy a new phone right...
  12. Sudo It

    Couldn't install any version of Linux on my Old Tecra s5 laptop

    I have this old laptop Toshiba Tecra S5 (64bit) and it was running on Windows XP. However, I wanted to install a linux version, so I tried to install Linux Mint, Xubuntu and Lubuntu so far. But the laptop didn't boot from USB drive and I tried everything I know. Then I dissembled the hard drive...