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    Sudo not asking for the password

    I using parrot os and by default the sudo command not asking for password. My sudoers file look like this. I want to know how to configure it without break things, thank you. # # This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root. # # Please consider adding local content in...
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    Help please, network setting parrot

    I use usb modem on parrot and everytime it ask for pin multiple times before it unlock the modem device. I got the bad idea to check the box that said "automatic unlock device." The result at first it ask me to create an automatic keyring password to set it up and then the pin is automatically...
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    Please help!

    Hi, i try to change the sudoers file of parrot because everyone was have access to sudo command without password. The file was like this admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL and i change NOPASSWD:ALL to NOPASSWD:root. Now when i try to make sudo command it prompt me this: user is not in the sudoers...
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    Parrot upgrade full my memory

    I recently upgrade parrot on usb persistance and it full over 10 gb of disk space, same after apt autoremove. This is not normal to take as big for and upgrade. I look for a solution for recuperate at least 5 gb. I don't really use the parrot tools aswell.
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    Upgrade unpacking take eternity

    I make an upgrade on kali vm and the installation process take very long time almost 20h now at 33%. In the beginning it goes from 1 to 25% in 1h. The snapshot aswell expand memory from 2.5gb to 11gb since the process start. I just guessing how to make it faster.
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    Kali persistance with rufus bug

    Hi, i am newbies with linux and wonder how can i put persistance on kali on a usb stick. I try couple youtubes methods with the 2020.1 version of kali and the persistance not working. I try aswell the persistance partition with rufus setting and when i boot persistance first time boot find, but...
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    I need help for installation

    Hi, i am newbies on linux and i try to install multiple secure linux operating systems on a usb stick and no one work same debian jesssie. i use a thinkpad laptop and when i try to boot them it make weird bugs or boot in text mode.