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    NZBGet: no permission to access mounted Samba share

    I've installed Ubuntu server 20.04 as a VM on a Proxmox server. I then installed samba and mounted a couple of Samba shares (on a NAS) via fstab. I mounted one of those shares to /mnt/Downloads This works fine, as far as I can see (I'm no expert), I can access everything in /mnt/Downloads and...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot open NZBget when VPN is active

    have Linux Mint installed on two PC's. One is my main PC, the other one is meant for downloading stuff. On de download PC I installed NZBget and a VPN (NordVPN). I would like to open the NZBget webpage on my main PC by going to <ip-address-of-download-pc>:6789 This works fine as long as the VPN...