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    Proxy troubles. Need help

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    practice tests/exams

    Where is a good place to take practice Linux tests/exams? I just want to test my memorization and how much i know
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    Need help w monitor display

    I have no idea how to get my monitor the same s size as my laptop .need help thanks u
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    What is THIS? Need help

    Ok here’s my problem : I broke my laptop so I have it hooked to my tv via hmdi. For some reason I can’t get the bottom icons (Firefox , etc ) on my host machine . So being as though I couldn’t click on Oracle VM I entered “ VBoxManage startvms “kali Linux”” on my host terminal .From there I had...
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    Networking issues

    I'm having problems establishing a connection in my Oracle virtual box Kali Linux. I've tried every wired connection , DNS settings , tried it all I'm out of options and need help. Thanks
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    DELETING Linux

    I completely uninstalled windows and changed my computer to Linux mint GUI . Now I want to just completely erase and wipe my computer . How do I do this ?