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    Deleting Live USB

    If I delete a live linux OS from the usb pen drive will I be able to use it as a regular usb storage drive or is there some procedure I have to do to remove the OS and make the usb drive usable?
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    Scanner Not Detected

    I have an Epson xp printer/scanner, the printer prints but when I tried to scan with "Simple Scan" it says scanner is not detected. How do I get the scanner to work? The printer/scanner is connected by usb cable to a eeepc netbook with MInt 18.1
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    Command Question

    What does $ sudo chmod a+rw -R /var/lib/vnstat/* do? I came across it while trying to figure out how to get vnstat to record bandwidth usage for my broadband connection. Since yesterday it keeps telling me "Not enough data available yet". I think for some reason it's not writing the bandwidth to...
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    Vnstat Bandwidth Monitor

    Can anyone tell me how I can get Vnstat to detect and record my broadband bandwidth usage? It detects and records my wifi but not the broadband, I don't know why.
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    Saving Snapshots

    I want to install Timeshift and save the snapshots to a usb stick, does it need to be formatted to ext4 or can the snapshots be saved on fat32?
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    Unmount Vs Eject

    What's the difference between unmount and eject? When I want to take out a usb drive which should I pick?
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    Epson XP-340

    The driver for the xp-340 is not in the list when I tried to install my printer, I chose the generic option but it didn't work. Can someone tell me how I can get my printer to work? I'm new to linux and do not know how to use the terminal. I have mint 18.1 xfce installed on a netbook.
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    Bandwidth Monitor

    I sometimes connect to the internet with broadband and I need to keep track of how much bandwidth I use but I can't seem to find any way to do that in Mint 18.1 xfce. Would anyone know? I'm not yet familiar with using the terminal so if there is a simple way of checking bandwidth use that would...
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    Firefox Update

    I recently installed linux mint 8.1 (Serena) xfce desktop on my netbook. I would like to update firefox to a newer version, there is an update for firefox available in the update manager that says "71.0 + linuxmint2 + sylvia" What does that mean, would I be upgraded to a newer version of linux...
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    Linux For Netbook

    I would like to install a linux OS on my eee netbook as a dual boot with windows xp which is what the netbook currently has. What distro would you guys recommend? I was thinking Mint xfce, or would something more lighter work better? The netbook has 1g of ram