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    Issue with latest update

    Good evening, for a week now I have had an update pending and each time I try to install it says "could not apply changes, fix broken package first" Any help would be appreciated, BTW im a linux novice, LOL
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    Linux and chrome

    Good day, I am desperate for some help please. Been watching DSTV on Chrome for about 2yrs now with Linux Mint. About 2weeks ago Dstv stopped working on their site. They tell me the problem is my laptop. I update regulary using the update manager. When I stream on othe sites like netflix etc all...
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    Removing windows

    Good day all, I need a little help please. I use my laptop for home use and a little for work and I have cinnamon installed alongside win10. I am happy with cinnamon and want to remove win10 off my pc completely. Trouble is I am scared to mess something up. Would really appreciate any advice or...
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    HDMI Connection

    Hi all, I am relatively new to this linux Ubuntu thing, however am very impressed with it. Here is my problem. When I strem and plug my laptop into my tv via Hdmi my mouse goes mad and all I get on the tv is the purple home screen. So I am forced to use windows 10 to stream. I HATE microsoft so...