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    How to increase size of Linux Virtual machine?

    Hello there! I have a virtual machine installed on ESXI host. The storage capicity is 30GB. I want to increase the storage from 30GB to 50GB. The current partition is below. 1- /boot 1-GB 2./ 27GB 3./swap 2GB I have powered off the machine and increase the size of...
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    Reverse Proxy Issue

    Hello! I am configuring apache2 on debian 11 as revrese proxy server. but it's not working. I am running apache1 on port 9080 for http and 4430 for https on server server name: I am also running a website on nginx on port 80 on http. is website on...
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    Timezone Setting

    Hello! I don't know about timezones much. I need to configure time zone (GMT+0 (UTC) time-zone). How can I configure that? I know the command is timedatectl but how can I explicity configure GMT+0 (UTC) time-zone that? Thanks
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    Mysql Database login Error

    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) Anyone knows how to fix this error?
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    Website backup from apache with database

    Hi I want to back up websites from apache. Its debian 11 with apache server. There is almost 5 websites in var/www. I am not sure if there is database along with websites. Can someone guide me how can I take backup without any data loss