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    how to open window along side linux

    i want to downlaod window like double boot i know linux give a feature at installation to double boot along side lwindow but my pc is on full linux and i have to work with some window application is ther eis any option so i can donload window without deleting linux also i only have one drive
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    Package dependencies cannot be resolved problem

    I am using a. Window app , in zorin 16 it says you have to download window app support app , and i click install it it starts installing in updating chahe but after that it intrupts and a message came package dependencies cannot be resolved, i searched on YouTube they do it there is no such...
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    My pc starts heating instantly as i start it , pls read the thread

    I just moved from window 11 to Linux mint 20.3 cinnamon, I just installed it via USB and I was updating updates and then suddenly my CPU fan start accelerating and making loud noises that I never heard before , and it becomes hot on the processor side , it never make that noises on window 11 , I...
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    After installation laptop heats and fan make wierd noices

    Hey , I just installed Linux mint 20.3 cin on my Vostro 3400 i3 11 gen 12 gb ram , and I was just installing updates from updates manager and my fan start making loud whirling noices and the processor side is very hot , what do I do
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    Can some one give me basic instruction how to use Linux mint 20.3 cinnamon

    Can some one give me basic instruction how to use Linux mint 20.3 cinnamon , I want to update driver on the site there are many , how to choose and some more basic information like where is task manager This screen is stuck from half an hour, I first tried it via virtual box then it is working...
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    i am not able to verify my linux mint download

    I have downloaded mint20.3 cinnamon iso and the site says verify your download, but the instruction there are not clear for me, I watched a video on youtube that shows version 19 which is diff, pls help me to verify.
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    i am confused with distros.

    i am new to linux , and want to download distro but there are a lot and I don't know which is suitable for me , I have dell vistro 3400 , 12 gb ram , i3 11 gen , 1 tb HDD and windows 11 , I want a distro which is faster than windows , have security and easy to use .
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    which linux should i choose , replies are welcomed.

    hi I'm a new user , I have Dell Vostro 3400, intel i3 11 gen, 12GB ram, I'm a student, and want performance from a destro, pls suggest an excellent stable performance-friendly destro