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  1. Rob

    Anyone else using Kdenlive for video editing?

    I was using openshot for a while for my bbq channel ( but about 6 months ago switched to kdenlive and love it. Also, there's a great support subreddit that has helped me out a lot. Anyone else edit video on Linux?
  2. Rob

    Should we keep the Cloudflare DDoS protection enabled?

    We get hammered quite a bit from bots that do take the site down for (normally) about 7-8 minutes. At least once/day. The other day it was pretty bad, so I enabled the DDoS protection from Cloudflare (Thanks Cloudflare free plan!!). Anyway, this introduces a 5ish second delay in loading the...
  3. Rob

    Live - Let's talk dev-ops - introduction

    It was a quick one, but I did a 22ish minute live this thursday with an intro to some great dev-ops / infrastructure tools. Check it out below. I'm going to try and do a weekly live on Thursdays at 8pm EDT. Some will be fun, some may not be! lol. Either way, join me and hop in the chat.. I...
  4. Rob

    Come join us on YouTube Thursday 4/21 @8pm EDT

    Going to try and do a weekly live stream featuring different topics that Linux users may be interested in. Check it out Thursday 4/21 at 8pm EDT: EDIT: Changed from 4/20 to 4/21
  5. Rob

    Viewing or removing files that are currently overmounted?

    So, I ran into an issue today where I believe some files exist under a directory that is currently used as a mountpoint for a running application. Meaning, prior to that mountpoint being used, files already existed under that directory and are now hidden by the system because that directory is...
  6. Rob

    Thank you everyone! Just realized we hit a milestone! :)

    If you search in Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing for linux, the first (non advertisement) result is ``!! You guys made this happen and it's why we see so many great new members joining every day! This is HUGE for me and appreciate you al! (at least it works for me.. but after, I tried...
  7. Rob

    Upgraded the forum software

    Hey there, I just upgraded the forum software to the latest version to ensure we're always good to go in the security and bug departments. Please let me know if you notice anything funny. Also, I enabled a couple things that you'll notice under your username to the left of posts (Join date...
  8. Rob

    Having issues adding a virtual interface with netplan

    Hey there, I'm working with a group of openvpn ubuntu servers that use eth0 as their main interface, then when openvpn is started, it brings up tun0, tun1, tun2 .. Anyway, I'm trying to add a 2nd private ip on eth0 as 'eth0:0' but this is Ubuntu 18.04 which uses netplan now.. So, in...
  9. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting a weekly live hangout type thing on YouTube where I can hopefully answer some questions or just talk about whatever anyone in the chat wants to talk about. I have a YouTube channel where i've been uploading some tutorials and i'd use that for this live. I'll...
  10. Rob

    Like I need another forum to pay attention to ;) (

    Hey, so i'm big into griddling.. Blackstone, Char-griller, etc.. Also, i'm big into making forums! (I do need to spend more time on the forums though, going to try and do that on here a lot more in the coming days) Anyway, check out my newest forum if you're...
  11. Rob

    New Feature: Credits

    Hey guys, I've just added a credit system on the site. We'll soon enable uses for the credits like raffles, contests, etc.. If you notice, you can see how many credits you have by looking under your name in any of your posts. How do you earn credits? Post new thread: 10 credits (plus 0.01...
  12. Rob

    You can now advertise "self-service" on

    If you're looking to reach 350K+ visitors/mo, you can now self-service advertise on More info here: PM me if you have any questions - thanks for taking a look! Rob
  13. Rob

    create an array of multiple multi-line text for script to use..

    So, main purpose of this is so a QA guy can run this script to update /etc/hosts on one of the qa-test VMs to ensure they're hitting the correct cluster of hosts.. I grabbed most of this from two stackexchange answers: The /etc/hosts stuff...
  14. Rob

    New Keybase chat group

    I started a chat group on Keybase for anyone who's interested: Keybase is a bit like slack or discord, but I like it because it's encrypted. Take a look-see and come by to say hello!
  15. Rob

    Add timestamp + change history size in your linux history

    The Linux history command is awesome by default, but you can make it better! By default, it'll only hold about 1000 past commands, but you can increase that - you can also add time/date to it so you can see when you ran each command! In your ~/.bashrc file, simply add some lines like...
  16. Rob

    Find your top 10 linux commands in your history

    Linux is a great thing that it'll keep a history of the commands you time in the ~/.bash_history file. If you'd like to see the 10 top commands you use, you can run something like the following to see what you type out the most! cat ~/.bash_history | sort |uniq -c|sort -nr|head -n 10 It...
  17. Rob

    Red Hat Summit 2020 moved to free virtual event

    Red Hat is canceling the physical Red Hat Summit presence in San Francisco and rebuilding it as a free, multi-day, virtual event from April 28-29, 2020. This is a great opportunity to those that wouldn't normally be able to make the trip - or afford the tickets/airfare. More info on the event...
  18. Rob

    I'm looking to tail a file while ignoring 3 different strings and the line under them

    So, i have a domain name querying script.. it generates 4 char strings, then adds .com to the end and does a whois on them. When whois returns 0, it prints ' available' in a text file (/tmp/list.txt). So, while this is running, i'm tailing /tmp/list.txt.. I also have stderr going...
  19. Rob

    Has anyone set up Keybase SSH to manage access by various teams?

    More info: We have it set up at work to test currently - it looks real nice, and seems like a great way to manage people and their access across various servers, etc.. Anyone else try it?
  20. Rob

    Kali Linux Revealed - free ebook

    If you are looking to get more familiar with Kali Linux, I'd recommend you take advantage of this free Kali Linux ebook. It goes over acquiring, installing and using Kali Linux from an operations standpoint - it does not go into any detail on the security tools included. I feel too many people...