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    list of that may have been change

    i accidentally did something now i cant turnoff my laptop and while trying to update my os this is appearing
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    battery issue

    i moved to pop os from battery is draining quickly and every time i change battery percentage is increasing by 2% (like if it is 80% now next it will be 82% and not 81%)
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    linux distro

    i decided to move to linux which distro should i choose. (iam been kali linux for past few months)
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    i changed my mac adress now i cant connect to internet in kali linux
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    can i move to linux without usb or pendrive..?

    can i move to linux without usb or pendrive..? and which distro should should i start with as absolute begginer
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    side channel mitigations

    hey... i just downloaded kali linux vmware and when i try to start its showing "side channel mitigations". What should i do