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    Disable Alt-F4 shortcut on a Rasperry Pi

    Hi, I want to make a chromium web-kiosk on my rasperry pi. I did that by adding the chromium-browser --kiosk "site" command to the autostart file. But I can easily close that window with Alt-F4. How can I disable that keybinding? (There's no openbos directory in the .config folder)
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    Open file and close it by console

    HI, I'm oding a java program to do some stuff with some JPG images. I want to add an option to preview one of those JPG images, and I can easily do this by sending a bash command from Java, wich is "xdg-open filename". But I also want to close that new window, and I don't know how. Xkill is not...
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    Auto USB copy program

    I made a c code to automatically copy a folder in an usb drive whenever you plug the stick in. In the "softwares that run at start" thing ( don't know the name in english), I added a new program, linked to the main.c class I made. But it obviously doesn't work. Ideas? (that's my first time doing...
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    Making a win10 laptop dual-boot

    Hi, I just started realizing how cool Linux actually is, and I really want to install it on my laptop. The problem is that it's a new laptop, with win10, + warranty. Sooo... before starting to play with dual-boot I wanted to know how to backup the hdd, so that if something happens you just load...