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    Laptop with 2 Disk

    hello i have a laptop with 500g and 1tb disk SSD inside. some stuff like VM and Iso files should be placed on this 1TB disk if i just use it i offen can't access it directly so i thought i have to mount the Disk UUID=ecf12423longNumber /mnt/vm ext4 auto,defaults 0 2 now the problem...
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    [solved]blkid runing for all user not only sudo

    hello how to change the right of blkid to be run by all user not only as sudo ? i need it in a script have a nice day vinc
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    Metaflac - Rip CD to flac make the directory accessible to all

    Hello with a script (i just started) i wish this done like this works. BUT I can't add a cover Art into the directory because with sudo it's becoming root and the logged in user is not root so is there a way to create the directory everybody is able to add (the cover Art) into the directory...
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    (solved)Externanl DVD / BlueRay for Debian 11

    Hello i have two older Externanl DVD and BlueDisc Player. They worked with my older Windows, but not working with my new Laptop and Debian 11 with BlueRay Buffalo BRXL-PT6U2V Serie just DVD Portable Writet Samsung Model SW-208 (Sep. 2013) Because both are obviously old, the question would...
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    copying large File with dolphin give suddenly write error

    Hello i have to copy my Video *.mkv to a local Disk as backup and a new destination VM the source is a VM the destination will be anther VM on a different Hardware so i cut and paste the directorys the file inside ist 4.2GiB - a lot's it is possible just to move it, other häng at the end...
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    samba some write other read

    hello with jellyfin i try to acces my FileServer with the movies the fileserver has a smb.conf with [FS-15-share_Filme] comment = share_sonicPi comment path = /mnt/movies valid users = @smbshare browsable = yes guest ok = yes read only = no read list = guest nobody...
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    samba Server not showing up - only access with IP

    Hello i have some Moode Audio Device in the network. i have also 2 new Samba file Server in the network. to access all are not the problem! on by debian Laptop i go to Dophin there Fremdgeräte --> Netzwerk and there i open the smb share search he find both Moode Audio Device but the Samba...
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    samba no share for user but showing up

    Hello i set up a samba Server for testing with just a /directory i did add a smbUser and this user has access to this share so far all is fine But when connecting to the server itself there is also a shown directory with the user Name . which is not working because the /directory ist not...
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    what LaTeX editor do you use?

    Hello i should write a longer Text, and would like (should) do it with LaTeX. What do you suggest to use? have a nice day vinc
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    what dockingstation do you use?

    Hello i am not lucky with my Dockingstation, and, this is my fault, the poweroutput of my Dockingstation is not powerfull enough. so what do you use as a dockingstation or what would you suggest me to bay? the Poweroutput of the Dockingstation should be at least 70W and should have 3 Video...
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    Laptop with 3 Network connection - traffic over all 3

    Hello on my Laptop (check signature) i have RJ45 LAN, WiFI and when connected also over my Dockingstation. is there a way to tell 1 ) Dockingstation LAN 2 ) WiFi LAN 3 ) Laptop RJ45 LAN there is a option to set the prioriti of the ports i gave them 1, 3 and 9 But they are still all open and...
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    Manager for VMs what do you use?

    hello on my Laptop i would like to run, sometimes, some virtuell Maschine, one for bank transfer, one for kali, and other. what would be a nice small opensource Manager? have a nice day vinc
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    Laptop with 3 Monitor

    Hello i try to have 3 Monitor working plus the laptop Monitor itself. but have only one working and the Laptop Monitor itself. i found information the file should be there but the file have no information about the Monitor! doing a search for xorg.conf the disappointing part today i got the...
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    Thinkpad E15 Gen3 AMD with Debian 11 and Docking station Display-Port

    Hello did somebody get this script running i got error because of Unstable-Distribution have a nice day vinc
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    [closed] vanished Post ?

    hello i had 4 question about problems with my Thinkpad E15 with Debian - and i only find 1 are they deleted if no feedback? have a nice day vinc
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    [closed] Thinkpad E15 Gen3 AMD with Debian 11 non-Free WiFi Problem

    Hello i have a Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Gen3 AMD with Debian 11 non-Free and there is a Wi-Fi-/WLAN-Adapter Wi-Fi 6 11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.0 The Device-1 is the local RJ45 Connector which works The Device-2 is not working should be a Mediatek mt 7921e but not to sure IF-ID-1 would be the RJ45 on...