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    Usb doesnt boot

    Laptop lenovo g580. Created bootable usb using unetbootin. Ubuntu, lubuntu, boot repair - boot, windows - doesn't, both xp, 7. On the screen unetbootin, default, it will load in 10 sec, after 10 sec again in 10 sec and so on, when press on default nothing happens. Earlier i installed win 7 using...
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    Ubuntu doesnt install

    My laptop is lenovo g580 with win7. I want to install ubuntu 15.10 on it, dual boot with windows. I disabled uefi in bios. Installation goes, but then sometimes a message installer crashed, or no such message, but it doesnt install. What ubuntu version should i choose for this laptop? What is...
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    Parasitic computer industry

    There is constant growth of operating systems and software. They also make old systems inoperable, under pretense of security. There could be only one reason for that - to force people throw away working equipment and buy new ones. For example, i dont need stupid security; i have one text file...
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    why everything is so big?

    in old times installation file was 700 mb; nowadays it is 2 - 5 gb and is only growing. why cant they keep and maintain one simple distribution, without increasing its size, constantly retiring systems and introducing new ones? why do we need this progress? in windows i understand it is for...
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    offline software installation

    is there a way to download packages on one computer, save them on usb stick and install in the same version of os (ubuntu) at another offline computer? keryx cant be installed on my system; can i copy var...archives directory on a usb stick?
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    linux for old pc

    what version of linux is compatible with a 15 y old laptop? if i take the oldest possible version, would i be able to have the minimum basic functionality? i need web browser with player to be able to watch videos, pdf reader, office, sometimes photoshop, autocad.