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  1. CrazedNerd

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    I thought the best two were the house on stilts and the weak trampoline.
  2. CrazedNerd

    What is "flush" (^o)?

    typically you get that wierd text when you're reading/outputting a binary file, it's just better not to read those, but "stty -a" does show the control codes thanks
  3. CrazedNerd

    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    So far, practically every game that has needed proton (simply compatibility mode in steam...) has had issues, where games that work automatically in steam have not had issues running. With hallow knight, i've had problems with the cloud data (which is very unfortunate, because i was close to...
  4. CrazedNerd

    What is "flush" (^o)?

    I'm currently reading "learning the bash shell, 3rd edition", and the author is mentioning that a lot of the control keys do the same thing as some of the other keys: for example, control-m (^m) is the same thing as pressing "enter". I see one labeled "flush", which is the same thing as...
  5. CrazedNerd

    Do you think people should use Debian or Ubuntu? Tell me which one and why.

    Ubuntu, because everytime i've installed debian the reboot command wasn't installed.
  6. CrazedNerd

    Helpful user-created aliases

    Do any of you care much for making aliases? Making an alias is very similar to making a script, however, you don't need to have a separate file for each one. Most of mine center around the ls command, which is arguably the most useful command in linux. Here is my .bash_aliases file: #'=' must...
  7. CrazedNerd

    How I can launch Gnome Terminal for memory forensics before appearing desktop login?

    The easiest way to access grub command line, idk if that has the "free" command, yet you might be able to find out information before the desktop launches itself.
  8. CrazedNerd

    Covid Corner

    I got the omicron variant earlier this year, and I was vaccinated since 2021. Hopefully, people won't emphasize a generalized quarantine and "social distancing" next time around, as that has had some disastrous effects.
  9. CrazedNerd

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Well it's all fine and good if you can find a browser...or an internet connection...but better yet, just say no to the windom!
  10. CrazedNerd

    Should we keep the Cloudflare DDoS protection enabled?

    That would be nice if there were some way to randomize or use Cloudflare like cron, unfortunately that's a catch-22. Since you all don't seem to have money issues with the site, you all could look into something that's a little more complicated. The amount of spam and advertising online is...
  11. CrazedNerd

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    So in other words, linux is just a variation of FreeBSD/Unix created by Linus Torvalds?
  12. CrazedNerd

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Apple is like Linux, but has lots of DRM fu*kery and way too much security, it's a complete nightmare for creative people unless you use it exactly the way the developers want you to. My main reason for switching to Linux was just wanting to know how things work: you won't get too far with that...
  13. CrazedNerd

    DVD unit doesn't work

    Digital Rights Management, commercial DVDs tend to have it to make it hard to make a copy of what's on the disk.
  14. CrazedNerd

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Yeah, i found that even with windows 10, after leaving it on for 4 hours makes the system real clunky and slow, really doesn't make any sense given how advanced computer hardware is, i never have that problem with Ubuntu.
  15. CrazedNerd

    Can FreeDOS Be Used as a Daily Driver?

    At times i've been tempted to install free dos on a hard drive, just because i'm confident it will work automatically (it's been around for a long time and a relatively simple operating system), yet internet usage would be much more difficult. I'm wondering, does the "help" command in DOS tell...
  16. CrazedNerd

    What the heck is ${RA[2]} in this context?

    Just to potentially help someone who's a bash novice like me, here's a full demonstration of a loop and array. Script syntax: ME=CrazedNerd RA=( GOO-GOO GAA-GAA SIM-SIM ) for person in $ME Pat ${RA[0]} ${RA[1]} ${RA[2]} Sue; do echo $person done Command line entry: ME=CrazedNerd ; RA=(...
  17. CrazedNerd

    Text editors that run from the terminal.

    i downloaded it at one point, but i figured it was a little too advanced for my bash skill level. Looking at the shortcuts, it seems like it's emacs, vi, and nano all in one.
  18. CrazedNerd

    Can FreeDOS Be Used as a Daily Driver?

    Maybe if you're a writer who doesn't like computers :p
  19. CrazedNerd

    DVD unit doesn't work

    Seems like the problem is either the player or the DVD, it could have something to do with DRM, maybe VLC has a bug because it's not a perfect program.
  20. CrazedNerd

    What the heck is ${RA[2]} in this context?

    Oh okay, that makes sense, thanks everyone