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  1. bob466

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    I’ve been running Linux Mint Cinnamon for 7 years and loving it...although I have a win 7 VM...I use it rarely. Yesterday in a store I saw windwoes spyware 11 on a Laptop and gave it a try...stupid me. I couldn’t believe how far it’s deteriorated into a jumbled mess...what a joke. I didn’t know...
  2. bob466

    How To Create a Bootable Linux Mint Flash Drive and Install It.

    There seems to be a lot of beginners who struggle with this...but it shouldn't be as it's not hard. So with the Mods permission...I'd like to post this from the Linux Mint's Home page explaining how to download the ISO...Burn it to either Flash Drive or DVD and Install it...
  3. bob466

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Funny you should mention that because I have an image of my windwoes 7 500GB HDD and have the HDD in the draw...was going to delete it but forgot. About two years ago one of my portable HDDs wouldn't mount in Linux Mint...I didn't want to re-format and loose everything on it. So I thought...
  4. bob466

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    You do realise that you don't own pay a fee to lease it and because of that...microsuck employees can do what ever they like and that includes deleting software too. microsuck can for any reason can cancel your lease at anytime for any other words...Do as we say or...
  5. bob466

    Update Error Messages

    You can fix this in Software Sources... Click on Update Manager...Edit...Software sources...Enter password...Maintenance...on right click...Remove Duplicate Entries.
  6. bob466

    Upgraded to 21

    Yes me too...when Mint 20 Cinnamon came out it had a few bugs which were fixed in 20.1...same thing happened with Mint 19...that's why I wait.
  7. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Here's another very funny Aussie...
  8. bob466

    Can FreeDOS Be Used as a Daily Driver?

    Great idea if this was the 1990s but don't you know DOS is dead...all I can say is good luck with that. Imagine if FreeDOS was the only OS available to Linux users...we'd all be using windwoes.
  9. bob466

    How to increase size of Linux Virtual machine?

    It was once possible to do this in Virtulabox but not anymore.
  10. bob466

    How to scan for viruses?

    Mint 18.3 is long out of date and you shouldn't be using it. :rolleyes: You don't need Anti-Virus software in Linux...just enable the firewall. Linux is more secure than windwoes and running such software would give false positives and might cause harm.
  11. bob466

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    Other reasons to run from windwoes I forgot to mention...selling your information to Governments or to anyone with cash. Secret backdoors in the OS that allow microsuck employees to enter your computer and change or delete your files.
  12. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Some of those poor convicts only crime was to steel a loaf of bread to feed a starving family. Many more convicts were sent to the USA but that stopped because of the American war of Independence.
  13. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Australia is also a Continent...Island and a Country. :)
  14. bob466

    Why did I abandon Windows for good?

    I was happy running windwoes 7...putting up with spyware...viruses...the blue screen of slowing down...going in to the registry and deleting registry keys left over from deleted software...updating software...trying to repair corrupt windwoes files (sfc/scannow) that never...
  15. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Speaking of the Commodore 64... Don't throw the book'll need it later.
  16. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Yes I know...Isaac Butterfield is a great Aussie comedian...the other guy is a moron or as we say in Australia...a Boofhead.
  17. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    This guy takes the cake...
  18. bob466


    I'm surprised no one mentioned Printers and many times do people come on Linux Forums complaining that they can't install them. Even when you find and download the drivers for both...finally get them to work...they don't work as well as they do in windwoes because they are...
  19. bob466

    Something To Make Us Laugh.

    Here's a few more...