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  1. hawkins

    Anyone know how I can get the rest of my 1T drive from sda3 onto my network drive?

    sda2 is the boot partition. [email protected]:~$ sudo pvs PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/sda3 ubuntu-vg lvm2 a-- <930.01g <730.01g [email protected]:~$ sudo vgs VG #PV #LV #SN Attr VSize VFree ubuntu-vg 1 1 0 wz--n- <930.01g <730.01g [email protected]:~$ I was...
  2. hawkins

    Installing on external USB HDD

    Did you partition it to GPT and then format it to ext4 through gparted, then you might have to mount it. I just added a second ssd and I had to mount it with my fstab config.
  3. hawkins

    Looking for distrobution built for people that break computers

    You can use a WM like i3 and make your own keybindings. This would make it impossible to change settings if you didn't know the binding to get to the settings.
  4. hawkins

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

  5. hawkins

    share folders on 2 Linux pc's

    Also I wanted to add that on some of my Linux systems my smb folders don't show up by default so in the file system or I just right click the desktop and add a create new link to location and type smb://yoursharedipaddress.
  6. hawkins

    share folders on 2 Linux pc's

    You should be able to edit the smb.conf file, you don't need an active directory domain even though they are fun to play with.
  7. hawkins

    PROBLEM:Manjaro dosen't work on DELL INSPIRON 15 7559

    I have Manjaro running on a dell with UEFI enabled. I prefer to use Etcher over Rufus I think that it comes out better.
  8. hawkins

    Can't Boot into the OS

    I'm pretty sure you can, this was just the fix I had to do for the grub rescue.
  9. hawkins

    Can't Boot into the OS

    I'm not really sure about the partition part, but I had a problem with kali linux once with it always sending me to the grub rescue, I had to go into the bios, go to the custom boot option and then manually type the efi path. For kali it was EFI\kali\grubx64.efi, not sure what yours would be...
  10. hawkins

    Bluetooth not working - no adapter, driver after recent update

    You can check your bluetooth status in the terminal -- systemctl status bluetooth.service And then if it's disabled you can enable it -- sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service Then restart.
  11. hawkins

    VirtualBox 6.0.20 running Mint Cinnamon 19.3 on Windows 10 cant file share... Help!

    I just had this exact same problem the other day. You have to get to the directory of the shared folder in the terminal do a long list ls -l and there is gonna be a virtual box group associated to the folder I believe it was vboxsf or something like that. You need to put your username from Mint...
  12. hawkins

    Linux for Pentium III 700mHz / 480 MB Ram

    Try this one
  13. hawkins

    Problem with network card.

    From that video I think that's a USB wifi, it's one you can put into monitor mode for taking packets out the air like router handshakes. I have the green one it works with kali. If you use Virtual Box you need to add guest additons to access usb from...
  14. hawkins

    Fresh Install of Linux from efi shell

    You can definitely use a usb to install linux. Use a program like etcher or rufus. Any linux works well on computers it's more of a preference. But linux mint or ubuntu are usually the best for people switching over, I like mint better than ubuntu, ubuntu has been caught data collecting in the past.
  15. hawkins

    I'd say Linux Mint.

    I'd say Linux Mint.
  16. hawkins

    Problem with network card.

    The new kali doesn't use iwconfig or ipconfig any more use "ip a"