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    VPS unreachable (repair grub ?)

    Hello, After an unfortunate change of one line of the /etc/default/grub file, a VPS with Debian 10 (at Contabo) no longer starts. SSH access is impossible. Do not answer to ping. VNC access: a prompt "grub>" appears. Restart in Debian 10 Live Mode: SSH Access OK How do I fix grub to be able...
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    WICD: Wifi no more starts automatically but is OK manually

    Hello, I am facing a painful problem with Wifi connection under "Slax 9" based on "Debian 9.12" (cat /etc/debian_version). Wicd is installed as standard with this release. The automatic Wifi connection at startup fails, it must be restarted manually through the Wicd GUI. Right after a reboot...